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Sidney Crosby Trade Talk Not Surprisingly Gaining Steam

While the Penguins haven’t hinted at being open to a trade, nor has Sidney Crosby said he wants to leave, trade talk is gaining steam.

The reality that the Pittsburgh Penguins would actually trade Sidney Crosby is extremely low. That hasn’t stopped chatter from picking up over the past couple of days as one TSN analyst suggested the best storyline in hockey would be Crosby moving on to a contender and playing relevant hockey for another chance at at Stanley Cup.

TSN’s ** Bryan Hayes was a guest on Jay Onrait’s show and said that Crosby has given everything to the Penguins’ franchise and that organization is no longer repaying him. He adds, “I know he’s loyal. I know he’s still playing with Gino and Letang and they’ve obviously got Karlsson there and you mentioned Guentzel and others..” Hayes then noted that Crosby is one of the 10 or 12 best players in the world and on pace for 50 goals this season. He’s only done that once in his career and it feels like a shame to waste how well he’s playing on a team that may not be in the playoff picture and could decide to retool after the All-Star break.

** Author correction: Article was published and syndicated with an error as I originally mistakenly wrote Kevin instead of Bryan. My apologies to both Kevin and Bryan. Kevin plays for the Blues, he is not a TSN analyst and host.

Hayes Understands the Reality of His Crosby Trade Theory

Hayes readdressed the conversation on his own OverDrive Show and admitted that a Crosby trade isn’t something that likely happens. While the other two hosts agreed that Hayes’ arguments to move Crosby made a lot of sense, Jeff O’Neil (O-Dog) said that the only way is if Crosby went to the Penguins and told them he was ready to move on. Most don’t think he’ll ever do that because it’s more likely he elects to retire with the team than he is willingly leave it. O’Neil also asks what happens to that franchise if Crosby leaves. This was the same team that almost shut its doors before he arrived.

All fair arguments. All likely reasons this trade never happens. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.

Does Crosby Deserve the Right To Move to Contender?

At the same time, who could blame Crosby if he told the Penguins he’d be open to a change? He’s clearly still got gas left in the tank and if the team isn’t going anywhere, how fair is it to deny him a chance to win again? Realistically, as a UFA, he can move on in two years, whether the Penguins want him to or not. However, by then, where is his game at? He’ll be 38 years old. He’ll be good, but not this good.

Sidney Crosby Penguins

Wouldn’t it be better to trade the player while his value is still high? Let him be a difference maker at the level he’s currently playing. Don’t make him play out his days as a Penguin, then leave at an older age, becoming a fraction of what he is now for another team. All due respect to others who have done so, Crosby’s story deserves to be written differently.

Crosby has this and next season his current deal. If he’s open to a move (and that’s a big if), the time to make this trade is now. It’s best for the Penguins if they choose to retool or rebuild. Everyone should want what best for Crosby who can make a big difference. It’s best for hockey, where putting him on a team where he’s talked about and promoted during the playoffs helps the league.

And, if Crosby is too prideful to tell the Penguins he wants out, or he refuses to quit on the team, maybe that organization should table the conversation.

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