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Should Drake Coach Toronto Raptors? Metta World Peace Thinks So

Former NBA player Metta World Peace seems to think that musician and rapper Drake should coach the Toronto Raptors now that Dwane Casey is gone. What exactly makes him think so?

Dwane Casey was relieved of his coaching duties this weekend and while there are many in the NBA shocked that the Toronto Raptors would let such a strong and talented coach go – one that was voted coach of the year by his peers – former NBA star Metta World Peace isn’t surprised. World Peace was caught up with by TMZ Sports and asked what he thought about the news. After asking how long he’d been the coach (7 years) and saying he made a lot of money with the gig and that these things happen, World Peace said, “the only things that is important is that he cashed the cheque.”

TMZ then asked if Metta would be interesting taking the vacant coaching spot to which he responded yes, it’s not that bad a drive and a big city. They asked if he thought he could handle Drake (the team’s ambassador) to which Metta World Peace suggested Drake should coach, if he had the right staff in place to do so.

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It will be interesting to see who the Raptors choose to coach the team after Casey’s departure but it likely won’t be Metta World Peace or Drake. The Raptors may have just let go the most talented coach available this offseason and Casey should have his pick of the available jobs. The Raptors will be arguably taking a step backward, but Drake would be a giant leap in the wrong direction. The Raptors are a good team who simply lost their coach because they couldn’t get over the playoff hurdles, including defeating LeBron James. A rookie like Jerry Stackhouse is already a questionable move. Drake or World Peace would just be laughable.

Not to mention, Drake already holds a position with the Raptors as a global ambassador and is a famous rapper. While he might love a gig like coaching a basketball team, it would be a clear pay cut for the star who is one of the highest selling male artists in the music industry.

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