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Vince Russo Banned From All-In Event

Cody Rhodes and Vince Russo have been tweeting back and forth regarding Russo’s removal from the All-In weekend. What they’re saying now gets more and more interesting by the tweet.

Former writer for WWE and booking agent for WCW and TNA is still in the news, long after he’s been done with the bigger wrestling promotions of the industry. This time he’s at odds with Cody Rhodes and the All-In event Rhodes is helping put together in Chicago on September 1, 2018. In fact, after once being booked to appear for a convention tied to All-In the night before the event, he’s now been removed and isn’t too happy about it.

Russo had appeared in a promotional tweet from Starrcade which was a convention set to take place on August 31 and includes a variety of former WWE and WCW personalities. When news that Russo was a part of that group became public, a push for his removal started due to anti-independent wrestling statements he’s made in the past. When Russo found out he was removed, he tweeted his dissatisfaction.

It didn’t take long before a series of tweets form Russo caught the attention of organizer Cody Rhodes who tweeted a response saying, “We don’t reward bad behavior. Stay away from our event.”

The series of tweets between the two sides has struck some debate with many saying Russo is responsible for some of the success of guys like Rhodes and others saying he’s responsible for the collapse of other promotions and should be blackballed.

The All-In event is sure to be big and perhaps the largest independently run wrestling show in history. Russo’s appearance or not won’t change that and this is surely not going to be the only controversy surrounding the event.

Meanwhile, Rhodes is proving to be quite the entrepreneurial departure from WWE. He left when he wasn’t happy with his character and has since gone on to become a huge star in ROH and New Japan making an event like this  not only a dream of his but a reality.

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