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Eric Bischoff Asked If He Thinks The Bullet Club Is Ripping Off nWo

Former head of WCW, Eric Bischoff was asked if he thinks The Bullet Club is a blatant rip-off of the nWo. People might be surprised to hear his answer.

Eric Bischoff created quite the legacy in professional wrestling. His biggest accomplishment will be having almost taken out WWE with his creation of the nWo and as the President for WCW during the Monday Night War. During that time, WCW boasted some of the highest ratings ever for a professional wrestling show and since that time, factions and wrestling promotions have been trying to duplicate that success. One way to do so is to come up with the next nWo. It’s easier said than done.

Perhaps the closest to do so these days is the Bullet Club. The Bullet Club was formed in May 2013 by Finn Balor (then known as Prince Devitt) and Karl Anderson (one-half of the Good Brothers). Since 2013, the group has grown in numbers and popularity adding and removing members each time someone from the faction moves out of Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling. They were originally a villainous group of foreigners and had a lot of things in common with the start-up nWo. Today, many fans think they’re more and more like nWo every day. Bischoff is not one of those people.

During an interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Bischoff was asked if he thinks Bullet Club stole his idea. He answered, “I don’t look at it as a rip-off honestly. I think it has roots in the nWo and I don’t think that can be denied and I don’t think they are trying to deny it but I think it is more than an homage and I think it is more an extension but certainly its roots creatively speaking are in the nWo. But rip-off to me is something negative and disparaging and I think the Bullet Club is cool.”

The Bullet Club and nWo do have other things in common. Merchandise has been selling like crazy and online sales for the factions t-shirts have almost single-handedly made Ring of Honor a wrestling promotion that has gained some serious ground on the bigger companies like WWE. And, to that end, the group will continue to do what it does, it will add members and take out their opponents in a gang-style manner while staying more popular than a heel faction probably should be.

The group is different in one way, however. Every time a new member is added, it appears it’s because an old member has left or been forced out. In that way, the group is trying to keep things fresh and not make the group so large they’re simply too big to do anything with.

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