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Senators Face Steep Price Tag to Trade Mathieu Joseph’s Contract

The Ottawa Senators are on a mission to alleviate their cap woes by moving Mathieu Joseph’s contract. Trading him could be costly.

The Ottawa Senators are in a determined push to free up crucial cap space by exploring options to move Mathieu Joseph’s contract, a task that may come at a steep price. NHL correspondent Anthony DiMarco reports that with three years remaining on Joseph’s deal at an annual average value (AAV) of $2.95 million, the Senators are facing the challenge of shedding this contract. According to several league sources, it’s believed that moving Joseph will require a significant sweetener as part of the deal, potentially a 1st-round pick or a prospect of equivalent value.

The high cost associated with moving Joseph stems from the limited number of teams with the necessary cap space to accommodate his contract. Among the potential suitors is the Philadelphia Flyers, who have engaged in contract discussions with the Senators concerning Joseph. However, as of now, Ottawa has not responded to Philadelphia’s interest.

The Flyers remain open to the idea of taking on Josephy if it means getting a 1st-round pick or a prospect equivalent, such as Tyler Boucher, in exchange for Joseph. Nevertheless, the decision ultimately rests with Ottawa, as they explore other avenues to find a more cost-effective solution. The primary objective behind trading Joseph is to create cap room to secure the signing of Shane Pinto, who commands an AAV of approximately $2.5 million.

Mathieu Joseph Senators trade talk
Mathieu Joseph Senators trade talk

Elliotte Friedman notes that Flyers’ GM Daniel Briere has been actively involved in these negotiations and has maintained a firm stance on the asking price for Joseph. Despite the relatively low AAV of Joseph’s contract, the consensus among potential trading partners is that Ottawa is under pressure to move it and to get a team to take on term always comes at a price.

The Senators Need to Make a Move Quickly

The situation underscores the challenges faced by Ottawa in navigating the NHL’s salary cap landscape. While the price to offload Joseph’s contract is high, the Senators are committed to exploring all avenues to achieve their financial objectives, even if it means making difficult decisions to bolster their roster.

The coming weeks will be pivotal in determining the outcome of this negotiation and how it impacts the Senators’ financial flexibility moving forward.

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