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Truth to Rumors Linking Blues & Maple Leafs in Massive Trade?

The rumor mill continues to churn out Parayko-Nylander or Krug-Nylander trade speculations. Anything to them?

According to Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic, in the realm of hockey trade rumors, one that just refuses to fade into the background is the speculation surrounding William Nylander and the St. Louis Blues. Whether it’s Colton Parayko or Torey Krug, Rutherford notes “the Parayko-Nylander ship likely sailed a long time ago” and suggests the Leafs would want a lot more than Krug if they were to make a move.

Recently, as part of a mailbag article, a reader asked about the substance behind the Paryko rumors, while another made a trade suggestion that included the now-injured Krug. Rutherford responded that while chatter has been around for some time regarding Parayko, there’s nothing to it. The scribe acknowledged that he understands why a potential deal has garnered attention once again due to Nylander’s contract situation, but he remained skeptical that anything had even been discussed.

There is no truth to rumors linking the Blues and Maple Leafs in a trade that includes William Nylander and Colton Parayko

When another reader suggested the Blues send a package of Krug, a first-round pick, and one of Jake Neighbors, Zach Dean, or Zachary Bolduc for Nylander, Rutherford made a couple of solid points. Firstly, it’s important to note that Nylander boasts an impressive track record. He’s a prolific goal scorer, having notched 40 goals and nearly 90 points in the past season. These stats alone make Nylander an invaluable asset for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Even if the Blues were willing to part with someone like Torey Krug, it’s unlikely the Maple Leafs would entertain such an offer, given Nylander’s exceptional performance.

Moreover, the consensus among hockey analysts is that if the Maple Leafs did decide to trade Nylander due to contractual concerns, they would receive far more enticing offers from other teams. Nylander’s potential availability on the trade market would likely trigger a competitive bidding war.

While the rumor mill may continue to churn out Parayko-Nylander or Krug-Nylander trade speculations, the likelihood of such a trade occurring remains slim. Nylander’s on-ice prowess and potential suitors’ competitive offers make it an improbable scenario, leaving the Blues and their fans to focus on the upcoming season with their current roster.

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