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Robin Lehner Slams NHL, Says Players Were Lied to About Vaccine

Robin Lehner absolutely slammed the NHL today for what he calls blatant lies about taking the vaccine and protecting the players.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner is not happy. Lehner says the NHL promised that COVID restrictions would change for players after they got vaccinated, yet he claims nothing has been done and he calls it “outrageous” and “unacceptable.” We adds, “We are vaccinated and we are still trapped in a prison.”

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The comments are being met with mixed responses. Some are saying Lehner is 100% right in that things should be changing if the players have been vaccinated. Others are suggesting that all Lehner does is complain and that this is his latest beef.

Lehner going off on the NHL is something that he decided to do impromptu and without a question from the media, says David Schoen, writer for the Golden Knights. He adds, “His passion about this subject is obvious, banging his fist on the table at times, his voice raising.”

Robin Lehner Golden Knights

The goaltender explained:

“We were shown the NBA protocols, shown the NBA protocols to get back some type of normalcy. … COVID is dangerous. It’s been a crazy thing for everyone but we were approached and promised things to change for our league if we got vaccinated. And to be promised something’s going to change to take a vaccine where some people, some players were on the verge of even taking it. I was one of them that I wasn’t sure, but I took it for my mental health. And when we did it, now they change. Now they said it’s not happening.”

Lehner said he was told yesterday they’re surveying all the teams to see who has taken the vaccine and who has not taken the vaccines and they’re not going to change the rules until all the teams have. The NHL’s reasoning is that they don’t want the vaccines to give any one team a “competitive edge.” He said, “I know more than a lot of people knows what’s going on. And they’re talking about competitive edge instead of human lives. Competitive edge. Human lives. We’re humans, too.”

Lehner goes on to say that the problem is two-fold. The first was that the NHL promised something to get players to take a vaccine that not necessarily everyone wanted Second, they are prioritizing competitive edge over human lives.

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