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Canucks Will Begin Talks With Pending UFA D Nikita Tryamkin

As per Elliotte Friedman, the Vancouver Canucks intend to reopen conversations with defenseman Nikita Tryamkin in the next few days.

As per a report by Elliotte Friedman in his latest 31 Thoughts article, the Vancouver Canucks intend to reopen conversations with defenseman Nikita Tryamkin in the next few days. He’s been playing in the KHL for the past four years. Apparently, Tryamkin is a new man, and one with a different attitude, according to his agent. He wants to return to the Vancouver Canucks next season and shake his reputation for being a bit difficult.

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Also, according to Rick Dhaliwhal, Tryamkin’s agent Todd Diamond notes that they have had short conversations with the Canucks. Specifically, just preliminary talks “and we are setting up for a meeting of the minds, this wont drag on a month,” said Diamond. “Nikita wants to return to the NHL… He still has the same desire to show people he can be a full-time, successful player in the NHL.”

This isn’t the first time there have been rumblings of a Tryamkin return. The defenseman was ready to return last year, and there were reports of talks with head coach Travis Green, but the cap situation in Vancouver made a deal hard to facilitate. And, when you factored in the status of the NHL at that time (the pandemic was causing havoc on the scheduling), a return was put on hold.

The salary cap questions in Vancouver are anything but solved. Whether the two sides can find common ground on a new contract remains to be seen.

What Could Tryamkin Bring?

As agents are supposed to be, Diamond was glowing of his praise for how Tryamkin’s game has progressed in the time he’s been away. Labeling his play in the KHL as “very consistent and very solid” he adds that “Making space, making life easier for the goalie, making good first passes, and being a physical presence when it’s called for” is what Tryamkin is good at.

He projects he’s got the potential to be a top-four defenceman in the NHL.

Perhaps most importantly, Diamond said this is not the same guy who left the Canucks organization. Noting he’s got a family now, the player is thinking differently about his game and that he’s made a commitment to being in shape, to being the best pro he can be, to having a good diet. “He’s slimmed down significantly since then. He really is all in.”

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