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NHL Trade Talk Podcast – Ep. 28: Trade Deadline Winners & Losers

On this episode, we break down the winners and losers of the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline. Who made smart moves, who didn’t do enough?

In this episode of the NHL Trade Talk podcast, Brooke and Jim break down their winners and losers for the NHL Trade Deadline week of 2023. Because the actual deadline day was so slow, it’s hard to designate a winner and loser on a day that normally offers a lot to discuss. We’ll take a look at our favorite deals, and our least favorite team decisions and try to answer why the final day for teams to make trades was such a dud.

Was it a slam dunk for the Boston Bruins who were the best team leading into the deadline and got better? Was there an underdog team that made a few shrewd moves and put themselves in the conversation as contenders? Did some teams do too much? Did some do too little? What about moves teams made that weren’t terribly logical and saw them add assets knowing it probably wasn’t enough to get them in or compete with the stronger teams?

What about the deals that didn’t happen? There were rumors that James van Riemsdyk was almost on the move and that the Pittsburgh Penguins seriously inquired about J.T. Miller. Is there any truth to those rumors? We have a chat about all of it and pick our favorite deals of the week.

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1 Comment

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