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NHL Trade Talk Podcast – Ep. 20: Boudreau Fired, Latest Deadline Buzz

On this episode, we talk Bruce Boudreau being fired by the Canucks, plus the latest trade buzz surrounding a few teams in the NHL.

On this episode of NHL Trade Talk the podcast, Brooke and Jim talk about the firing of former Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau. Did the Canucks handle this properly? Boudreau was left hanging on the line while the team waited for Rick Tocchet’s TNT deal to expire. Could this have gone down differently and will it affect the Canucks’ ability to acquire players and future staff?

Also, what’s the latest talk surrounding Bo Horvat and his inevitable trade out of Van City? We also chat the Carolina and the injury news to Max Pacioretty, Cole Caufield going down for the Montreal Canadiens and what they’ll do, plus the latest scoop on other teams. The Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, and others are teams we’re keeping an eye on.

What do you think of the Bruce Boudreau situation in Vancouver? Did the Canucks do him dirty by forcing him to coach, all while knowing he was going to be imminently fired?

Will the Carolina Hurricanes become major players after the Pacioretty news? What about the Canadiens? Should they start selling assets almost immediately? They were able to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday with a depleted lineup. Will they need even more help to get near the bottom of the standings?

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