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Penguins Are Willing to Wait for Ex-Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas

It didn’t take long for ex-Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas to find a team interested in him. Will he land with the Pittsburgh Penguins?

The recent departure of Kyle Dubas as the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs was a surprise around the NHL. However, the dust has settled a bit and it looks as if Dubas might be considering entering the job market.

If that’s true, teams around the NHL seem to be reevaluating their plans. Dubas is attractive enough to take advantage of the possibility that he might change his mind from his press-conference note that he’d likely be with the Maple Leafs as their GM or nowhere.

In this post, I’ll take a look into Dubas’ departure and share hockey insider Eliotte Friedman’s insights in a recent interview where he spoke about what Dubas might be thinking after a week away from the team.

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The Video Interview with Eliotte Friedman

In the video below, Elliotte Friedman joins Matt Marchese to discuss former Maple Leafs GM Dubas’ statement about his departure from the Maple Leafs. During the discussion, Friedman also discussed what other NHL teams are doing and if they have changed their plans now that Dubas is on the market.

Dubas’ Made a Statement But Didn’t Share Much Information

In a statement on Monday, Dubas spoke about his departure from the Maple Leafs. However, he didn’t share the details of what transpired. But, according to Friedman, it’s not a surprise that he’s seeking another job. He undoubtedly has a bright future ahead in hockey. In fact, his track record and his expertise make him an attractive candidate for any team that needs a GM.

Pittsburgh Is Interested in Dubas

According to Friedman, one team that has shown keen interest in Dubas is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Initially, it appeared that the Penguins had a candidate lined up for their GM position. However, with Dubas now on the market, that situation has changed.

Kyle Dubas Pittsburgh Penguins NHL GM
Kyle Dubas Pittsburgh Penguins NHL GM

The Penguins are actively pursuing him. As Friedman notes, they believe he brings the kind of resume and values their organization could benefit from. Dubas’ sudden availability has also caused other teams to reassess their options and consider the possibilities that he brings to the table.

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Dubas’ Decision Depends Upon Family Considerations 

While Pittsburgh is eager to secure Dubas’ services, Dubas seems to be taking his time making a decision. Dubas has indicated that he will prioritize his family’s well-being and will carefully weigh his options and seek their blessing.

The way his tenure in Toronto ended might have influenced his priorities. However, considering that Dubas is dedicated to the sport of hockey, one has to believe he will resurface somewhere – and probably sooner rather than later. Expect him to return to a front office role soon.

Pittsburgh Is Being Patient

According to Friedman, the Penguins understand Dubas’ need for time and discussion with his family. They are willing to wait for his decision and respect his desire to discuss the situation with his family. The Penguins seem willing to accommodate his needs and are prepared to make a compelling offer if Dubas expresses interest. As negotiations progress, both parties will likely engage in discussions to explore potential arrangements.

The Bottom Line

So here’s where Dubas stands currently (insofar as Friedman understands it). His departure from the Maple Leafs has created a situation where teams – especially the Penguins – are willing to accommodate his desire to take some time to talk with his family.

Kyle Dubas Toronto Maple Leafs 1
Kyle Dubas Toronto Maple Leafs talks deadline plans

In fact, according to Friedman, teams are willing to reassess their plans. Among those teams, Friedman believes Pittsburgh has emerged as the frontrunner to hire Dubas. 

While Dubas takes the time to consider what his future might be and if his family is on board, the Penguins are patiently willing to work with him and wait for him.

Right now, no one is certain about Dubas’ next move. However, he now has to be pretty sure that something immediate is waiting in the wings – that is if he and his family decide that’s what they want.

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  3. gfinale

    May 25, 2023 at 8:01 am

    On the 24th, the day after this article, Dubas reportedly met with Crosby. If he is actively talking with other clubs after what he said in that press conference, there’s a good chance he was lying and playing a sleazy game with millions of people and that Shanahan should be believed. If that’s the case then it would appear Dubas staged it to make Shanahan and the Leafs look bad so he wouldn’t be the bad guy deciding to leave the Leafs. I have wondered about this since that Monday Dubas press conference and more and more seems to be leading to confirming it. It seems he may have wanted to remain BFFs with the core 4, other players, the fans and all but get out with the situation coming on July 1 where he would have had to make tough choices and acted as a proper GM does, especially one who is responsible for this culmination. This would mean he has left the Leafs, their fans and all with quite a mess by purposely bailing at the worst time.

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