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Penguins Could Try to Finalize Erik Karlsson Trade This Weekend

Kyle Dubas named himself GM, is about to buy out a player, and could finalize an Erik Karlsson trade this weekend.

In a recent appearance on the NHL Network, esteemed NHL insider Elliotte Friedman shared intriguing insights, hinting at a forthcoming significant maneuver for the Pittsburgh Penguins. After news of some management restructuring and a report that Jake Guentzel has undergone successful ankle surgery, the spotlight is on a possible contract buyout, potentially unfolding over the impending weekend. From there, that development could lead to a blockbuster trade.

It’s well known the Penguins are the frontrunners in the ongoing pursuit of San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson. Friedman suggests a deal might be close, with the buyout being the trigger to a trade being finalized.

Friedman pointed out that General Manager Kyle Dubas does not like buyouts. He typically avoids them. In part, that’s what makes this move all the more remarkable. That they are so eager to trade for Karlsson and add his expensive contract over the next four seasons that Dubas is open to bending his own rules is telling. Citing information from his reliable sources, Friedman suggests this is a special situation and the buyout window with the settlement of Drew O’Connor’s arbitration contact could reshape the Penguins’ strategy.

The Penguins Are Poised to Make Their Move

All signs point to a team ready to take action, as speculation revolves around the potential finalization of a trade involving Karlsson. As anticipation heightens, the Penguins’ calculated steps and the potential decision to employ a contract buyout despite historical tendencies highlight the magnitude of the situation.

Friedman warned that we’ve been here before and he doesn’t want to guarantee anything happens, but he suggested this was the weekend to watch for a major development.

Hockey enthusiasts and Penguins fans alike eagerly await the unfolding of events, as this potential contract buyout could potentially shape the course of the Penguins’ pursuit of Karlsson and significantly impact their future roster dynamics.

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