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Edmonton Oilers

Oilers Likely to Make Additional Deals Well Before Trade Deadline

The Edmonton Oilers know they need a deeper run in the playoffs and are open to making quick trades early to improve should they struggle.

According to Allan Mitchell of The Athletic, the Edmonton Oilers aren’t done tinkering with their lineup. While this roster is deeper than it’s been in a long time, Mitchell suggests the combination of a few possible holes and the now very obvious four-year window to win opening, general manager Ken Holland isn’t going to take any chances and will make “prospects, picks and young players who are not yet mature” vulnerable in win-now moves.


Mitchell likes the lineup but notes a couple of questions marks on the roster. He writes, “Your mileage may vary, but I see possible holes at right wing (which could be solved internally), second pairing left defence, shutdown right defence and in goal.”

If there are struggles early in those positions, Holland won’t hesitate to make a move. Suggesting a goaltender out of Dallas might be Holland’ radar, he adds that Hampus Lindholm out of Anaheim could be of interest, as would Colton Parayko as a rental if the St. Louis Blues struggle. He also points to Vladimir Tarasenko of the Blues as a forward with experience and proven production.

Colton Parayko St Louis Blues UD
Colton Parayko St Louis Blues UD

The scribe does acknowledge that the first order of business from an Oilers’ perspective might be to see if there are internal solutions. If Tyler Benson or Dylan Holloway show well, they could get a serious consideration. But, one can’t imagine the leash will be terribly long as consistent struggles or a losing streak for the Oilers is something the team will try to avoid at all costs.

What Urgency Has Been Placed on Winning?

Last season, the team was expected to be good. A playoff position was what the club was striving for. Now, the expectation level moves up and a deep run in the playoffs is the only acceptable outcome based on the moves the GM has already made this offseason.

Mitchell writes, “there is urgency.” He adds, “Once Holland sent away all the futures over the summer, he moved all-in on winning. If the goaltending falters, if the shutdown defenceman is needed, Holland has to act quickly. This is the world he lives in, starting this fall.”

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  1. Brian L

    August 21, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    And how exactly would they fit some of these big babes into the salary cap?

    • NHL Trade Talk

      August 22, 2021 at 3:43 pm

      Rentals at the deadline aren’t expensive, especially if teams know they’ll be losing the player to free agency and are willing to retain salary for picks/prospects.


        August 23, 2021 at 9:02 am

        Everybody who gets off to a bad start wants Tarasenko. That should drive down the price. But nothing a couple #1s can’t get. Right Kenny. MCDavid greatest player to never win a Cup.

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