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Oilers Among 5 Teams in On Chris Tanev Trade… But Hit a Snag

The Edmonton Oilers are seriously looking at Chris Tanev. They are among five teams in the mix, but there’s a catch.

Elliotte Friedman noted during the 32 Thoughts podcast on Monday that there are plenty of teams showing interest in defenseman Chris Tanev. One of the more popular names available at this season’s trade deadline, there’s only one snag. The Calgary Flames want teams to pay a certain price and teams are not there yet.

Friedman lists the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks, and Edmonton Oilers as teams who are interested in Tanev. He adds that Calgary is looking for a 1st round pick, but no one has stepped up to offer that yet.

Chris Tanev of the Flames was discussed between the two teams

Friedman explains:

“I think the Flames are waiting till the first-round pick gets offered. I think that’s what they’re waiting for and if a team steps up for the first-rounder, I could see it happening. And, I think there’s a pretty big group there. It’s Toronto, which I think is offering multiple picks but none of them are first. Their first or second available isn’t for four years, so that’s a challenge. It’s Toronto, it’s Dallas, I think Colorado’s in there, Edmonton and Vancouver.”

How Serious Are the Oilers on Tanev?

Friedman explained that it’s very hard for the Canucks to do this deal. That said, they like the idea of it they would prefer Edmonton not get him. That must mean there’s a concern the Oilers are pushing fairly hard on this. Friedman notes, “I think with Edmonton it’s all coming down to what they think they want to do, like what is their number one thing that they decide to go out, and they still have a little bit of time to figure it out here, but that’s like they’re they’re going to take a swing.”

Chris Tanev Oilers trade talk

Friedman cited buzz that the league believes Holland isn’t afraid to make a big move. “…nobody’s traded more first-round picks than you have and this is a goal for a team and a go for it here, so they’re going to do it again probably.”

What is the Real Snag For Oilers and Others With Tanev?

Part of the hold-up might be that teams are under the impression that Tanev is not going to sign. Word is, Tanev is aware the Ottawa Senators are going to make a huge pitch for the blueliner in the offseason. As such, it’s logical he’ll want to wait to see what the offer is. In other words, why sign with a team at a price that winds up being a fraction of what the Senators intend to spend?

If the Senators plan to overspend, why give up a first-rounder for a player likely to leave? It would be different if Tanev was open to an extension. If he’s not, or there’s no commitment, giving away a first is potentially a mistake.

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