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NHL Rumors: Blues, Senators, Jets, More

In today’s NHL rumors and news update, there are rumors the Ottawa Senators are being sold, updates on the Jets status with Dustin Byfuglien, and where the Blues are at with Alex Pietrangelo.

In today’s NHL news and rumors update, there is a lot to digest from the Sportsnet Saturday Headlines segment. What’s going on with the rumors of the Ottawa Senators being sold to the owner of the New England Patriots? Are the St. Louis Blues going to have issues re-signing Alex Pietrangelo? What did the agent of Dustin Byfuglien say about the d-man’s status in the NHL?

Blues and Pietrangelo Update

During Sportsnet’s “Saturday Headlines” segment, it was reported that the St. Louis Blues and No. 1 defenseman Alex Pietrangelo will have to figure out how to work around the large chunk of future salary committed to some of the recent signings.

Elliotte Friedman reports that Blues GM Doug Armstrong has it in his itinerary to meet with Pietrangelo’s Toronto-based Newport Sports agents when the Blues visit the Maple Leafs this week. He reports the Blues are hoping to have Pietrangelo sign for something in the neighbourhood of eight years and $66 million or around the $8.5-8.75 million per season mark. If that’s something Pietrangelo would accept, the next question is ‘Can the Blues afford that?’

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Jets and Byfuglien News

“Don’t jump to any conclusions and don’t expect any kind of quick announcement.” That’s the latest statement from Friedman who says he spoke to Dustin Byfuglien’s agent and warned anyone hoping the defenseman would be back right away that he probably won’t be.

Dustin Byfuglien suspended by Winnipeg Jets
Dustin Byfuglien suspended by Winnipeg Jets

Friedman said during a Sportsnet Fan 590 interview that, as it stands right now, the Jets are going to have to convince Byfuglien to essentially come out of retirement.

The Jets are hoping their star defenseman sees the team doing well and wants to get back into the game, but that may not be likely to happen.

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Where Will Patrick Marleau Wind Up?

Chris Johnston reports that former San Jose Shark and Toronto Maple Leafs forward Patrick Marleau remains “confident” that he will find a home in the NHL this season. It seems a bit odd that he hasn’t been able to land employment with an NHL club.

It’s unclear if this is because Marleau is waiting for an offer from a team close to his family. If so, the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes and Vegas Golden Knights would be the likely destinations. The Sharks’ are 0-3 to start the season. Does that mean they change their mind on Marleau who they didn’t seem keen on having return to the team?

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The Ottawa Senators Being Sold to Robert Kraft Rumors

Despite a Snapchat post by his granddaughter, the rumors of Robert Kraft being interested in buying the Ottawa Senators seem to be just that, a rumor. Chris Johnston checked in with the NHL and they had no knowledge of any kind of deal or interest from Kraft being worked on to purchase the team.

Friedman suggested he may have some interest in real estate around the area, but not in the team itself. If the owner of the New England Patriots were actually interested in owning the Ottawa Senators, it would heavily covered by the media. Who knows what his granddaughter meant by the post.

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