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NHL Insider Says Pageau Isn’t Likely to Fetch a First-Round Pick

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun doesn’t believe the Senators will get a first-round pick for Jean-Gabriel Pageau. Why?

With speculation a number of teams are interested in Jean-Gabriel Pageau of the Ottawa Senators, Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic (subscription required) recently took a closer look at the potential trade value of the center and tried to determine if a first-round pick was really a realistic option?

While Pageau is potentially the best center available in a weaker market of centers at this year’s deadline, LeBrun is still skeptical the Sens could get a first-round pick in return because many GMs are reluctant to part with a commodity that has such high value. This is especially true when these same GM’s don’t believe Pageau is a long-term, top-line (even top-six) center on a good team.

LeBrun broke down some of the trade scenarios for teams that have been rumored to be interested in Pageau. He wasn’t able to find a situation where a first-round pick coming back to the Sens was an option. The closest he could find was the Edmonton Oilers, where one scenario could be the Oilers offering a conditional second-round pick that could become a first if the Oilers make deep into the playoffs.

The Islanders, Flyers, Flames and Stars all had other reasons not to part with a first-round pick as well.

LeBrun said of the process in determining Pageau’d value:

I enjoy going through that exercise above is to demonstrate the challenge that Sens GM Pierre Dorion will have in getting a straight-up, no-strings-attached first-round pick for the pending UFA centre. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but right now I see a number of teams that would want to attach conditions to it.

The belief is the Senators are still looking to retain Pageau and if he doesn’t garner a first-rounder, is one of the more likely trade options before February 24 no longer really that much of an option if teams won’t pony up the asking price?

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