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New Jersey Devils

Devils and Capitals Show Off New Look Helmets With Sponsorship Logos

The New Jersey Devils are showing off their new helmets as the first team to have sponsored logos featured on them.

The NHL has officially found another way to make money this season and the New Jersey Devils have shown it’s a great idea that someone should have thought of years ago.

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That the league was going to need to come up with new ways to make money was bound to happen considering the lost revenue many of the teams and the NHL as a whole was facing. During a pandemic and as the 2020-21 season gets under way with few, if any fans, any extra dollars in were going to count.

The upcoming season will kick off on January 13th and a few ideas were tossed around to try and up the incoming dollars in an otherwise tough season. Logos on helmets was an idea the NHL had approved and the New Jersey Devils are the first team to show off what those new helmets look like.

Admittedly, they look great and it’s hard to understand why the NHL didn’t start doing this a long time ago. Jersey posted a photo and video of Kyle Palmieri in an on-ice skate wearing a helmet with a Prudential logo on it. It’s not intrusive in any way and goes with the flow of the helmet.

The best part is that the Devils and Prudential are working together and the two sides will donate co-branded helmets to diverse youth hockey players throughout the state as part of the activation.

Devils NHL helmet with logo

The Capitals Go with Capital One

The Washington Capitals got in on the action too on Tuesday, showing off their partnership with Capital One in a video they share on their social media accounts. There’s look a lot like the Devils logo, suggesting there’s going to be some uniformity to all of this.

The team wrote,” The Washington Capitals have announced Capital One as the team’s season-long official helmet entitlement partner with the placement of the company’s branding on the team’s helmet.”

Already a Smart Investment

By announcing it first, Prudential’s investment is already paying off. They’ll be known as the first company to be featured on an NHL helmet.

The Devils posted on their Twitter account, “The Prudential brand mark will appear on the Devils helmet for the entirety of the upcoming 2020-21 National Hockey League Season.” Not a bad deal.

If this works and actually helps the league, how long before the NHL realizes the money they can make by putting logos on pants and jerseys?

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