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Devils Heavily Considering Tendering an Offer Sheet?

The New Jersey Devils might be contemplating tendering an offer sheet this offseason. Where is that rumor coming from?

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The original idea that the New Jersey Devils might be contemplating tendering an offer sheet to a current restricted free agent isn’t actually new. Dating back to early October, the seeds were planted that the organization might consider making a splash when Mike Futa dropped the idea on national television. That said, the story and the idea an offer sheet could actually happen, is getting new legs.

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Sonny Sachdeva of Sportsnet is taking a much closer look at the idea, examining what it would take for the Devils to go there, who they might target, and whether or not its a realistic idea.

Offer sheets are tricky. Not only does a team need to have cap space available to offer more than the team who currently owns a player’s rights, but they need to have the proper draft picks to give up as compensation should the right’s holding team not match. It’s not often those two things align, especially this offseason where money is tight. But, Sachdeve is reporting that the New Jersey Devils actually have the assets they’d need.

Where’s the Proof New Jersey Is Considering This?

Former Los Angeles Kings assistant GM Michael Futa said he knows for certain the Devils were or are contemplating such a move. He has inside information on what they’ve been thinking because when he spoke with the organization before Tom Fitzgerald was hired as the full-time GM, he was asked about his feelings on the process and a candidate for the position.

Futa noted while on the Sportsnet free agency panel:

“I think they’re another team that’s primed for an offer sheet,” Futa said during that early October broadcast. “And I can tell you that because I did not get the job as general manager there and it was a big part of the interview, talking about how much they wanted to give out an offer sheet.”

That interview was a couple of weeks ago, but consider the lack of teams signing their big-ticket RFA’s, the Devils are logically still watching the market to see if there’s an opportunity.

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