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YouTube Host Offers $100K to Marc-Andre Fleury For Rare Feat

Pat McAfee offered goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury $100K for a charity of his choosing if he was able to pull off something rarely done.

It will be interesting to see just how badly goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury wants to earn $100K for a charity of his choice. During an interview on the Pat McAfee Show, the former NFL star and popular media personality spoke with Fleury about a few aspects of the NHL game — something McAfee was not terribly familiar.

McAfee wanted clarification on just how difficult it is for a goalie to score a goal during a game. Saying it was something that happened a couple times a year, if that, Fleury called it extremely challenging because you have to raise the puck over everyone in the zone and shoot it in a straight line to hit the other net. McAfee decided to put a little wager on Fleury being able to do it.

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$100K If He Scores This Year

Offering to give $100K to any charity of the netminder’s choice, McAfee put up the money to see if Fleury would give it a shot. “You get one this year, I’ll give $100K to whatever foundation you want it to go to”, the host said. Fleury laughed and responded, “Geez, you’ll get my trying every night now.”

Fleury is having a heck of a year and we know there’s no way he does anything to put the best interests of his team ahead of trying to pull off a stunt that so rarely happens. At the same time, he might be feeling pretty confident with his play and if the opportunity presents itself, so, who knows…

Maybe Fleury will have that $100K kicking around the back of his mind if the opposition pulls the goalie and he sees an opening.

All In Good Fun

The bet was all in good fun and came after both sides got a good chuckle because Fleury admitted that back in the day, when there was only one official on the ice, he would clear out players in front of his net by hitting them in the balls.

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