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Who Plays Ayres?: Sportsbook Unveils Casting Odds For Future Film

Which actors are leading the way when it comes to playing NHL emergency back-up goaltender David Aryes?

David Ayres Carolina Hurricanes movie

As we reported a few days ago, the story of goaltender David Ayres is going to get a feature film and it looks like Disney is going to be the production company behind the project. A tale that seems tailor made for Disney, Ayres stepping in from the stands as the emergency goalie for the Carolina Hurricanes is the kind of story perfect for a families to sit around the television with a bucket of popcorn, a soda and some tissues.

The question now is, who plays the goaltender in the movie?

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As per a press email: “According  to online sportsbook Bodog, there is a slew of devilishly handsome actors up for the role, some with actual movie hockey experience too!”

Among the names favored to play the role are Chris Pratt of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, followed by Mark Wahlberg and Canadian megastar, Ryan Reynolds. There is talk that perhaps Joshua Jackson — who was well known in hockey circles for starring in the Mighty Ducks films — could get a look. There’s even talk that his coach in the moves Emilio Estevez is up for consideration, as is Matt Damon.

David Ayres NHL movie
David Ayres NHL movie

Either way, if Disney makes the movie it should be an emotional and entertaining film. It will be great publicity for the NHL and the news has turned Ayres into more of a star than he already was based on one game in the NHL.

You can see below the full odds for who gets the role below:

Who Will Play David Ayres In The Disney Movie Made About His Life?

  • Chris Pratt                        +200
  • Mark Wahlberg               +250
  • Ryan Reynolds                 +250
  • Joshua Jackson                +400
  • Matt Damon                    +400
  • Emilio Estevez                  +1000

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