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Max Domi Wants to Stick With Blackhawks Through Rebuild

Max Domi says he understands if he gets traded, but he’d like to stick with the Chicago Blackhawks through their rebuild.

Max Domi has noted that it’s no fun to lose and that if you’re enjoying losing, you shouldn’t be in the NHL. At the same time, it doesn’t mean he wants to abandon ship in Chicago where the Blackhawks are losing a lot. In fact, Domi has said that his preference is to stay with the team and sign another extension despite the fact he knows the club is rebuilding.

Scott Powers of The Athletic spoke with Domi about his situation and started an article on Monday with, “There’s something about going through a rebuild and witnessing improvement that Max Domi finds alluring.” The scribe notes that Domi likes it in Chicago, he wants to be with this team, he’s willing to go through the hard times, and it can be worth fighting through the challenge and coming out on the other side a winner.

Max Domi Blackhawks NHL
Max Domi Blackhawks NHL

This isn’t to say that Domi won’t be excited if he’s moved to a contender and has a chance to win another Stanley Cup. A team like the Carolina Hurricanes is rumored to have interest again. But, if Domi had his way, he wouldn’t be dealt at this year’s trade deadline as the Blackhawks look to move almost every pending UFA and have told other NHL teams they are willing to take on bad contracts in an effort to pick up draft picks and prospects.

Dom said:

I think anytime you’re asked to be part of a rebuild or you want to be part of something like that, if that’s the word they want to use, but in our case, just getting better every single day, that speaks volumes to who you are as a person, because they want you to be around that. If I ever get the opportunity to do that, I think it’s something I’d definitely look at for sure.

He added, “It’s one thing to kind of show up when it’s all rosy. That’s easy. I think the biggest challenge is when things are going hard and they are tough to still find ways to still make it a good environment and be a good teammate and help achieve the goal of getting better every day. ”

Domi Tired of Moving Around

The forward also mentioned that he understands the business and what happens when you sign a one-year contract, but he’d like to stay in one place. He’s not enjoyed having to move from city to city and play in what feels like a different place every year.

He gets it if he’s dealt and he wishes the organization nothing but the best. He’s had no complaints and he’s enjoyed his time in Chicago. He just hopes it lasts a little while longer.

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