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Matthews Contract & Its Implications for Nylander and Maple Leafs

Auston Matthews is not signing a contract extension. How does his waiting game impact his team and William Nylander?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the middle of a contract negotiation game. Sadly, the team cannot seem to get either of its two key contract extensions done. And, at the center of attention is the team’s superstar Auston Matthews.

Again sadly, what might seem like an internal team matter might have far-reaching implications. That’s particularly accurate when it comes to the future of William Nylander as well as the broader team dynamics. In this post, I’ll attempt to unpack the situation to explore how Matthews’ contract extension could shape the Maple Leafs’ future.

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The Matthews Factor: A Domino Effect on Nylander

Looking logically at the Matthews contract issue, so many things seem to hinge on his deal. He’s the key figure in this drama that seems to be unfolding slowly – if at all. That’s because Matthews’ contract negotiation timeline shadows Nylander’s.

William Nylander Maple Leafs trade rumors
Maple Leafs Unwilling to Meet William Nylander Contract Demands

Until Matthews’ extension is signed, there’s going to be little progress in Nylander’s case. It seems pretty clear that Matthews’ contract is the tipping point in defining the team’s future salary-cap structure. As a result, players like Nylander (this summer) and Marner (next summer) will take their lead from what Matthews does in terms of his final negotiation.

The Effects of Playing a Waiting Game

Without knowing what Matthews contract will be, Nylander’s contract discussions are stuck in limbo. If it were just taking time off the clock, that would be one thing. However, this waiting game comes at a cost in terms of team dynamics. It also fuels uncertainty and potential discontent for the players and their team.

The longer the impasse continues, the more it threatens to sour the Maple Leafs relationship with Nylander. It would seem that giving a 40-goal scorer and improving forward – every season Nylander gets better – the cold should would be unthinkable. However, if you are Nylander, how can it not might make you feel as if you were an afterthought.

You’d be playing second fiddle in Matthews concerto. The mounting pressure of deadlines also complicates the situation. If the Maple Leafs begin to doubt Nylander’s desire to stay with the team, they might panic and move him. That adds additional urgency to negotiations that were already difficult even if everything went well.

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Broader Ramifications: Team Dynamics and Maturity

There’s an impact with the Matthews-Nylander contract dynamic. It extends beyond salary and salary-cap numbers. Whether it reaches to disrupt team culture is yet to be known. Fair or not, the situation is that Nylander, who’s extremely talented, must wait until Matthews’ deal is sealed.

One can only guess, but the implicit power dynamic might turn into a sense of hierarchy that could erode team morale and unity. The longer the negotiations drag on, the more they create a sense of unease. There’s a ton of pressure involved.

It Seems Reasonable that a Timely Resolution is Important

How can a timely resolution to this delimma not be apparent to everyone? Why would either player or the team wish to risk a drawn-out drama that might erode team unity and chemistry. Given that he says it’s his goal, it just seems logical that Matthews sign his contract extension as soon as possible.

Auston Matthews Maple Leafs 1
Auston Matthews Maple Leafs

From the outside, unless I’m really missing something, Matthews signing now seems the most reasonable course of action. It would also show maturity and leadership on his part. Specifically, if he takes a team discount in terms of salary-cap percentage (lower than his last contract), it would push others to do so.

Like it or not, he’s the team leader in all this.

A Reminder of How Key Player Dynamics Can Be

The Matthews’ issue – and it is I think an issue – reminds us on the outside of the backstories and complexities that can play out behind the scenes of professional sports. Yes, there are the financial numbers. However, these also influence team dynamics, player relationships, and fan expectations.

It would absolutely be beyond illogical if all this dilly-dallying caused the Maple Leafs to panic and move Nylander if they simply didn’t have to. Somehow the team’s management must figure out how to navigate these issues. In the end, the could be the difference between a winning postseason team and one that isn’t.

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  1. Chris

    August 18, 2023 at 6:47 am

    Matthews doesn’t signal his intentions or share his thought process, so it’s hard to get a read. Does he take a team-friendlyish deal to give the Leafs a shot at the Cup, or does he take his business elsewhere to rake in the dough? Maybe he and Dubas had an understanding, but he doesn’t feel the same level of commitment toward Treliving. Only time will tell, but if I were Leafs management, I’d be starting to sweat (I’d also never have fired Dubas). As for Nylander, it’s getting harder to see why he’d choose to stay on a team where he’s always fourth fiddle.

  2. Mitch Mitchell.

    August 18, 2023 at 9:17 am

    Well Old Pro – Let’s put the skate on the other foot.
    We could say, if Nylander signs a contract before Matthews, it would have great implications on Matthews future and The Leafs as a team.
    Isn’t it great that our opinions are free.
    Keep up the good writing, Old Pro.?

  3. Mark Moore

    August 18, 2023 at 10:04 am

    Lots of competing issues here. Playing in Toronto (media/fan crazed) seems to be less and less attractive to top NHL players…sad but true…but loss of privacy and high taxes are factors. Winning teams seem to find a way to have their top players accept less cap affecting contract money to increase chances of success (eg. Boston and Tampa). The large fan interest would create additional income sources through endorsements in Toronto. With these factors in play, a savvy management team should be trying to create a way for the top players to take less cap-affected contracts with corresponding endorsement deals to make up for it. I may be naive to think it’s possible, but it might be a way forward for the Leafs to deal with making sure they keep Mathews/Marner/Nylander who are, in my opinion, players that you cannot let go if there’s any way not to.

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