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Maple Leafs’ Zach Bogosian: Travis Dermott’s D-Partner and Fight Trainer

During the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs game, Travis Dermott tried to fight but failed. How’s he improve his fisticuffs?

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When the Toronto Maple Leafs put a beating on the Edmonton Oilers for three straight games recently in Edmonton, there was an incident between Maple Leafs’ defenseman Travis Dermott and the Oilers’ forward Josh Archibald.

Or, to put it more honestly, there was a “sort-of” incident.

Travis Dermott, Maple Leafs

Specifically, it looked as if there was going to be fisticuffs, but they never materialized. It wasn’t as if the combatants seemed afraid of getting into a scrum and going at it; it just looked as if they really didn’t know quite what to do.

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Grading Their Grabbing

Here’s sort of what happened and their grades.

Step One: they agreed to go. Check. (Grade A+)

Step Two: they dropped the gloves. Check. (Grade A+)

Step Three: Now what? Without any punches actually thrown, Dermott grabbed Archibald and sort of hugged him to the ice. (Grade C-)

Dermott’s Determined to Deliver

Apparently that situation didn’t sit well for one of the almost feature performers – Travis Dermott. And, to ensure that he does better the next time there’s a call to action, Dermott has been seeking some training.

During a recent Maple Leafs’ practice, the young defenseman was seen accepting some pointers from a couple more “gifted goers.” Those players were his defensive partner Zach Bogosian and physical forward Scott Sabourin.

Zach Bogosian Maple Leafs
Zach Bogosian, now with the Maple Leafs

Both Dermott’s teammates come with a resume. Bogosian, specifically, has 20 NHL fight videos on He’s a reliable source.

What Did Dermott Learn from Bogosian?

In the video below, Dermott speaks about what he’s learned from the veteran Bogosian. Although Dermott isn’t giving away all his secrets, he did say that Bogosian really didn’t teach him any “knockout moves.” However, he did receive some tips from Bogosian on how to handle fights without being demolished – although that’s not exactly how Dermott put it.

Willing, But Not Yet Able

In the video, you can hear Dermott saying that he “wanted to get a couple of tips … if that happens in a game.” Dermott noted that he wanted to be prepared because he was “willing to take part in what’s going on and at least able to protect myself in the right way.”

He noted that he was willing to accept whatever advice he could to protect himself “in the right way” – whatever that means.

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Perhaps Maple Leafs’ Fans Will See the Fruits of Bogosian’s Labor

I guess we’ll see what kind of a teacher Bogosian is and what kind of a student Dermott is if the same situation ever does happen again. Maple Leafs’ fans can expect a little more prepared Travis Dermott – thanks to his defensive partner and fighting trainer Zach Bogosian.

Isn’t it great when veteran defensemen teach their young partners some of the craft knowledge so inherent with the position?



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