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Maple Leafs’ O’Reilly on Playing with Marner: Be Ready to Shoot!

Toronto Maple Leafs newcomer Ryan O’Reilly has had a strong start. He credits that to Mitch Marner. What does he have to say about him?

In a recent Sportsnet interview, it was obvious that the new Toronto Maple Leafs’ center (at least for now, he could move to the wing) Ryan O’Reilly is happy with his lot. O’Reilly had made a quick impact with his new team. In his four games with the team, he’s scored three goals and added two assists (for five points).

He had a particularly strong game against the Buffalo Sabres when he scored a hat trick and added an assist. Part of his success can be placed at the skates of his linemates – particularly Mitch Marner, who’s very adept at moving the puck to his partners so they have quality chances to score.

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O’Reilly Jokes that He Will Probably Have a Hat Trick Every Game

During the recent interview, O’Reilly joked that he’ll probably score a hat-trick every game for the rest of the season. Obviously, he was kidding. But that doesn’t dampen his enthusiasm for playing with his new linemates.

O’Reilly notes specifically that it’s really fun playing with both Marner and Tavares. His one big takeaway is that he has “to be ready at all times to shoot the puck.”

In the video below, it’s easy enough to see the positive feelings he has for his teammates.

O’Reilly Is Excited to Play with Marner

In the video, O’Reilly expressed his excitement about playing with Marner and Tavares. As he says, he has to be ready to shoot the puck at all times. He explained that he quickly learned that his role might be different with the Maple Leafs than it was with his old team – the St. Louis Blues.

With the Maple Leafs, he needs to be prepared to take shots. That’s what makes playing with Marner and Tavares so much fun. Both his new linemates have excellent vision and hockey sense. O’Reilly also acknowledged that on this Maple Leafs’ team creating offense is a significant focus.

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The Job Is to Take Care of Every Aspect of the Game

At the same time, he believes that the team must also concentrate on other aspects of the game. These include characteristics such as being tough to play against and focusing on defense.

O’Reilly might become more of a scorer with the Maple Leafs than he was with the Blues. He likely won’t score a hat trick every game, but can he keep up his point-a-game pace?

Regardless, offense aside, the team’s primary objective is to play well in all areas of the game. If they can do that, he believes the offense will take care of itself.

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