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MacKinnon Calls Out NHL for All-Star Omissions

Nathan MacKinnon is one of many NHL players upset with the selection process for the NHL All-Star game. Some key names didn’t make the cut.

Calling it “silly” and saying it makes no sense to have an All-Star Game where the best players aren’t in attendance, Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche has taken issue with the fact some major names were snubbed from this year’s game, including Nazem Kadri, a teammate of his who has 48 points already this season.

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Among just a few of the glaring omissions is another of MacKinnon’s teammates in Mikko Rantanen (40 points). As well, Steven Stamkos (45) of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Brad Marchand (41) of the Boston Bruins and other players who deserve to be there will not. Instead, names like Nick Suzuki of the Montreal Canadiens are going with only 19 points because the NHL seems to believe it’s best to send one representative from every team.

MacKinnon said, “It’s silly. I don’t think every team should send a guy… it’s an All-Star game, not a participation game.”

The All-Star Game has been a polarizing game for the NHL. It’s fun, but there’s nothing riding on it and it’s not much more than a revenue generator for the league, the television networks and the host city. Some of the players could care less about going, but many do because not going means a suspension for one game. And, there are often players who would like to go with their teammates, but can’t.

Connor McDavid posted a social media plea to fans in Edmonton to get Darnell Nurse on the team as part of the Last Men In voting. He wants his buddy there, it could be argued Nurse deserves it and the trio of Oilers together would have a ton of fun.

Meanwhile, some are arguing that the NHL has it right and that someone from each team should rep the game. In the case of the Seattle Kraken, Jordan Eberle doesn’t necessarily deserve to be there based on his production, but it might be odd not to have the league’s newest team send a representative. To many, that would feel like a missed opportunity, thus the league has it right.

What do you think? Is the All-Star selection process a joke?

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