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Lias Andersson Reveals Reason He Left New York Rangers

Lias Andersson finally broke his silence regarding what’s going on between himself and the New York Rangers.

Not long ago, promising prospect Lias Andersson refused to report to the New York Rangers AHL affiliate team and officially requested a trade. Since then, there’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the disgruntled forward, but not a lot of advancement regarding a possible trade that would send Andersson elsewhere.

Neither side has really spoken much regarding the trade request, specifically Andersson who’s been hush-hush on the reasons he’s unhappy with the organization. He’s finally breaking his silence.

In a Swedish-language interview with Aftobbladet, Andersson hinted at his unrest including his relationship the team’s AHL affiliate Hartford Wolf Pack. Saying there was only so much he could say on live tv, one day he would reveal everything. For now, he’s happy to have a little rest and be home.

What he would say is that he wants to play, but mentally, he’s focused on his health and well-being. He explained, “I have a small lower body-injury that I’m trying to take care of.” He added, “It’s good to be home again, I needed it as a person. It feels good, it feels safe to rest up my body and my mind.”

Andersson said the decision not to report might be an idiotic one when it comes to his future in the NHL. He is aware that he might be jeopardizing his future in the league based on his doing what’s he’s doing.

He explained that he’s accepted that. He said:

There is a career that’s more important – and that’s friends, family and my health. Hockey wise, we’ll see in a couple of years, it might not be the best decision i’ve made if I want to play in the NHL. But there’s hockey to play elsewhere. Many thinks that it’s a hockey based decision that I’ve made but it’s for my health. There’s been a lot of incidents that have affected me personally, thing that have made me feel bad mentally. Hockey wise it might be an idiotic decision, but I have to think about my personal life as well. 

He knows his contact is for one and a half years and that if things don’t work out it could be one and a half years without hockey. He hopes that’s not the case. “Hopefully we will reach a solution so I can play again.”

For now, he’s added that he’s not going to get into all of the details as to why he’s suspended, only that’s he’s suspended.

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