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Leon Draisaitl On Oilers Struggles: “We’re Not Quitting”

Leon Draisaitl says the Edmonton Oilers haven’t quit on their coach or the team, even though the team is clearly frustrated.

Typically, when a coaching change is made, the GM believes that the room isn’t responding to the message being delivered. In NHL terms, it’s often called “losing the room” and there’s a lot of talk in Edmonton these days about whether or not head coach Dave Tippett has lost the room as the Oilers continue to struggle and have strung together a number of disappointing losses.

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Players have admitted that it’s frustrating to keep losing and the coach is frustrated too, but the team is continually looking to make changes that will change the fortunes of the franchise and put together a big win on January 10 as the team takes on the Ottawa Senators before a mandated pause due to NHL attendance issues.

Leon Draisaitl did talk about how frustrating it is to keep losing and was asked about the team’s mentality. He noted that everyone is upset about what is going on and that they need to find a way to win. When the discussion of the team quitting on the coach came up, he quickly noted, “We’re not quitting on anyone.” He added, “We’re not quitting on our coach, we’re not quitting on ourselves, our team, our goalies, nobody. We’re not quitting.”

If the team is doing what it can to shake the string of losses and trying their best, one has to wonder if their best just isn’t good enough. And, if it isn’t, what needs to be done to turn things around. That would be up to the general manager, who may be the next person to make a change for this team.

What Will Holland Do Next?

Ken Holland has the option to go out and try to find someone that will help. Whether it’s another goaltender, an addition for the blue line or another forward, Holland may feel it’s time to add. At the same time, he could think the team he constructed is good enough and will wait it out, hoping the group finds another gear. After all, is one addition really enough to fix all of the issues currently ailing this team?

As long as it doesn’t seem like Holland has quit on this team either, there’s no reason for the players to throw the towel in.

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