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Krug Bashes Bruins, Says Blues Weren’t Even on His Radar

Torey Krug talked about how the deal with the Blues came together and noted he felt the Bruins burned him and the Blues surprised him.

The story involving defenseman Torey Krug signing with the St. Louis Blues on Friday night is an interesting one. The defenseman admits the Blues came out of nowhere and sources believe Alex Pietrangelo wasn’t aware the Blues had moved on. It sounds as though the Blues got tired of waiting, Krug is elated and Pietrangelo is down maybe just one team as he tries to find the right fit.

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Krug said when asked about how the deal came together with the Blues, “To be honest, it was kind of not expected.” He noted that they weren’t on his radar and he’s not sure if he was on theirs, but, “As the day went on, it seemed more and more like a perfect fit.” Krug said he was looking at his options, going through some of the things that were available, and felt the Blues made the most sense. “It just feels like a match made in heaven,” he said.

While he had some great things to say about where he’s going, he wasn’t exactly kind when speaking about where he was coming from.

Krug was asked about how things ended with the Bruins and he said, when talking about his offer last year: “It was pulled from me. I didn’t have an offer. When they offer me a year ago and then it’s gone — I don’t know what I’m expected to do. … It is what it is.”

Torey Krug Bruins UFA
Torey Krug Bruins UFA

It was at that time he seemed to realize it was time to move on.

In the end, it sounds more like Krug didn’t choose to leave the Bruins. He was left to deal with a team plan that didn’t exactly include him. It’s intriguing because up to the free agent market opening, there was talk the Bruins were making final last-ditch efforts to keep him.

Krug seems to shoot down rumors that the Bruins did table some new offers this offseason. When asked about them and how close he might have been to staying, he responded, “Not close. … There was no communication. Nothing happened.”

What About Pietrangelo?

While Krug was learning the Blues were interested, it sounds like Pietrangelo wasn’t informed his old team was moving on. Pierre LeBrun reports, “Don’t think Pietrangelo had closed the door on Blues. So I think the Krug signing would have caught him by surprise.”

Now, it appears the defenseman will have to wait until the Vegas Golden Knights figure out their cap situation because they might be the only team of the three rumored to be keenly interested left. Toronto signed T.J. Brodie on Monday, essentially eliminating them from the conversation.

Could the Vegas Golden Knights rework their offer knowing they’re potentially no longer competing against anyone? If so, Pietrangelo’s patience might not have paid off.

Or, there might be one additional longshot option for Pietrangelo… Wouldn’t it be something if the Bruins decided to give him a call? How perfect would that be?

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