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Krejci Shoots Down Any Chance He’ll Return to Bruins This Season

David Krejci says he will not be returning to the Boston Bruins this season and noted he’ll stay in the Czech Republic all year.

David Krejci will not be back with the Boston Bruins this season, even after he gets his fix playing in front of friends and family in the Czech Republic this year. During a press conference with his new team, Krejci shot down any real chance that he would finish up with his new team, then make his way back to the NHL and join the Bruins for a playoff run.

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The Bruins had left an open invitation on the table for Krejci to go back home, play for his Czech team and then rejoin the Bruins. In fact, it appeared as though Boston added pieces and is filling the hole he leaves open internally, all in the hopes they’ll be space for him if and when he wants to come back. It simply sounds like that’s not happening this year.

Krejci arrived in Olomouc to speak to journalists for the first time after returning to his native regions and was asked about what his plans are beyond his playing time with HC Olomouc. He was reminded of the speculation in various media publications that he might stay on Haná for the next season but Krejci made it clear he’s only looking at this season and not making plans beyond it.

David Krejci Boston Bruins
David Krejci Boston Bruins Upper Deck

“I will stay in Olomouc all season, I signed a one-year contract. I’m not dealing with what’s next at all at the moment, but returning to Boston in the spring is definitely not in the game,” he said. He did not say what might come for the 2022-23 season. It’s possible he could return to the NHL, but that was not addressed.

Krejci Has Made His Choice

For this year, Krejci knows where he wants to be and where he wants to play. Beyond that, his future is very much unclear and he seems prepared to offer no additional information, nor should he have to. He’s decided to take his family back to where he grew up and where he’d like them to grow up. It’s seems as likely he stays permanently as it does he could return.

Perhaps he simply gets his family situated and comfortable and makes another run with the Bruins farther down the line. Still, it’s way too soon to tell.

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  1. nostredummass12

    August 24, 2021 at 11:43 am

    Sweeney, Neely and the rest knew darned well Krejci wasn’t coming back. And yet, they made exactly ZERO moves to acquire a 2nd line center. Gotta wonder, with no 2nd line, if the B’s will even make the playoffs.

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