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Keith Jones Says Flyers Job Offer Came Out of Nowhere

Keith Jones discussed how the opportunity to become the President of the Philadelphia Flyers came about.

Keith Jones spoke with the NHL Network after it was made official that he was becoming the new President of Hockey Operations for the Philadelphia Flyers and discussed why he took the job, how the offer came about, and why it was kept quiet until announced. Noting that it was the only job he would have been interested in leaving his television gig for, he wasn’t sure he was going to get it.

Jones spoke about being a television analyst and how much he loved the job. He noted that he never got into tv with the intention that it might lead to other things. While he said he’d given some thought to the idea of one day becoming an NHL executive and he’d spoken to Ed Snider a few times in the past about the Flyers, but he was shocked when the opportunity to work directly with the Flyers came about.

Jones was asked about the timing of the offer and he responded that he was surprised by it. He said he was asked about his interest in the job and it took him 10 seconds to tell the Flyers yes. That said, he asked that his connection to the potential job be kept quiet because he didn’t want it leaking out that he might be looking for other opportunities outside of his job with TNT. He noted that if he didn’t get it, he didn’t want to upset the apple cart in a job he really loved.

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He added that the Flyers job was the only one he would have considered. There was no other NHL executive role that would have convinced him to leave TNT, but his history with the team and his connection to Philly were too appealing to pass up.

Keith Jones Philadelphia Flyers
Keith Jones Philadelphia Flyers addressed media about role as President

As for what his job will be, he’s set to work collaboratively with Daniel Briere and John Tortorella as the three men work together to reshape the roster in what will likely be a slow rebuild. He noted his job was to support Briere in whatever way the new GM needed him to and offer advice when asked.

When it comes to the direction of the team, he said he wants to bring back old shades of what the Flyers were known for in their best years, “We’re going to get back to that. It’s gotten away from us. I’m convinced together we are going to get there. I am promising you we will get this right together. The Philadelphia Flyers are coming back.” He also noted, “I would just like to touch on something. Dan mentioned Mr. Snider’s name. This is Mr. Snider’s team. This is the Philadelphia Flyers. We’re going to work hard to honor that. To get out there for him. He did a lot for all of us.”

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