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Jets and Blake Wheeler Trying to Facilitate His Exit from Team

The Winnipeg Jets and Blake Wheeler are working together peacefully to try and navigate his departure from the team.

Pierre LeBrun reported that the Winnipeg Jets and Blake Wheeler are trying to work together to facilitate a move that would see Blake Wheeler wind up in another location. LeBrun says this isn’t about the Jets trying to “get rid of” Wheeler, this is more about two sides coming to an agreement to find a way to move on in their respective journeys.

LeBrun notes that Wheeler wants a fresh reset just as much as the Jets want to try to make that happen. The issue is his large cap hit of $8.25 million and the limited number of teams that either have an interest or have the room to bring him in.

Blake Wheeler Winnipeg Jets trade talk
Blake Wheeler Winnipeg Jets trade talk

LeBrun says the move could come in a couple of forms. First, it could be a natural trade. The second option is a buyout. The third option is that it could be a trade to another team where the agreement is the acquiring team would buy him out. Because the buyout window closes next Friday, a decision has to be made by then. In other words, look for a move to send Wheeler elsewhere in the next few days. “Wheeler will not be playing for the Jets next year,” says LeBrun.

Some of this is good news because the belief was that the Jets and Wheeler were upset with each other. As Andy Strickland reports, “Wheeler’s relationship with the Winnipeg Jets isn’t as fractured as some may believe. If bought out it’ll be a mutual split.” A buyout would clearly make things more feasible for other teams to get in the mix. If he’s free to sign as a free agent, he can work out a cheaper deal with a contender or pick a destination that is willing to meet contract demands that make both sides happy.

If bought out, his cap hit would be $2.75 million for two seasons.

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