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Jersey Sale Shows Avs Thought They Traded For Claude Giroux

Star forward Claude Giroux’s near-trade to the Avalanche and subsequent route to Ottawa unveils unpredictable NHL twists.

Star forward Claude Giroux’s journey from the Philadelphia Flyers to the Ottawa Senators via the Florida Panthers is a tale of unexpected twists. His transition began with a potential move to aid a contender in their attempts to clinch the Stanley Cup, catching the attention of teams like the Colorado Avalanche along the way. It didn’t pan out in either scenario, but it appears the Avs almost got their man before the Panthers.

The Avalanche’s confidence in securing Giroux’s services was evident when they had custom jerseys prepared for his anticipated arrival. Reports surfaced that he favored Colorado as his destination when leaving Philadelphia. The Avs, sharing this sentiment, even had two home jerseys bearing his name and iconic No. 28, primed for an introductory news conference as part of the finalized trade.

However, this promising narrative took a different turn. The intended deal with the Avalanche fell through, and Giroux found himself donning the Panthers’ jersey for 18 regular-season games and 10 playoff matches in 2022.

As pointed out by hockey enthusiast Jeff Veillette, presently, the Avalanche are auctioning these unused Giroux jerseys for a children’s charity, underscoring the irony of how close the trade came to fruition. You can see they are popular items among fans who like the idea of owning a collectible piece as potentially rare as this.

Contemplating the jerseys intended for Giroux and the missed opportunity, one can’t help but wonder how close he was to potentially joining the Avalanche and lifting the Stanley Cup with the Avalanche in the summer of 2022. One also has to wonder where things went sideways and how the team that thought they were so close to acquiring him that they made jerseys, eventually didn’t land the player.

The situation highlights the unpredictability of trade rumors and the intricate ballet that is the NHL trade landscape. What seemed like little more than a rumor at the time now appears wilder than insiders initially assessed, illustrating the captivating drama that unfolds beyond the rink.

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