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Insider Reveals 5 Teams With Most Interest in Pierre-Luc Dubois Trade

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun revealed the five teams that are the early favorites to be interested in the Pierre-Luc Dubois trade.

While TSN’s Pierre LeBrun says that it “might be easier to name the teams that won’t end up calling Columbus” than ones that will, apparently, the New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens might be worth keeping an eye on when it comes to other team’s interest in disgruntled center Pierre-Luc Dubois over the next few months.

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Darren Dreger seemed to think there might be a feeling inside the organization that getting something done sooner than later when it comes to Dubois is wise, LeBrun didn’t necessarily agree. LeBrun has been told the Blue Jackets will take their time looking at any possible Dubois trade. “They might even wait until the June draft,” he said.

That doesn’t mean multiple teams won’t be keeping tabs on the situation and the aforementioned names listed when this article began are the ones that LeBrun believes might have the most interest.

Why Are These Five Teams In On Dubois?

When it comes to Anaheim, LeBrun says the Ducks have a lot of young assets to trade back the other way and with Dubois being the right age and having the skill set the Ducks are looking for, they should have interest.

Down the highway, LeBrun also believes the Kings will show interest. They are also a team that has lots of young assets and while they are deep at center for young prospects, LeBrun suggests that might be exactly what the Blue Jackets are looking for in return. Essentially, the Kings would be moving a good young center for someone who is already further along, but still young.

Pierre-Luc Dubois Blue Jackets trade talk

LeBrun points out that the Winnipeg Jets rumors are still out there and he’s not sure there’s much to the idea that the two teams would be willing to trade one problem for another, but it’s out there, nonetheless. Could a Patrik Laine for Dubois deal happen? Technically, sure.

The Rangers have a ton of talented wingers and they may decide that the piece they are missing is a center to bring it all together. If New York determines Dubois is “the piece that they are missing”, they may get in on the talks. LeBrun is just not sure the Blue Jackets would want to trade with a division rival.

Finally, LeBrun notes that the Canadiens are a team to watch in the background. They like the additions they already made, but GM Marc Bergevin’s history shows that he keeps tabs on these kinds of situations and if there’s an opportunity, he’ll try to take advantage of it.

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