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Insider Hints Flames Trading Jacob Markstrom Could Be Imminent

Reading between the lines of a Kevin Weekes tweet, it looks like there’s something to talk of Jacob Markstrom being traded by the Flames.

If you read between the lines of a tweet by NHL insider Kevin Weekes, there could be a trade on the horizon out of Calgary. At the very least, the suggestion is the Flames are taking calls and seriously considering a trade that would see Jacob Markstrom playing somewhere else before the NHL Trade Deadline. Tweeting an eye emoji, accompanied by a Markstrom photo, Weekes got a lot of attention Friday morning.

Some fans are upset he didn’t offer more context. That could be because he doesn’t have anything concrete to give. At the same time, he had to know in posting that tweet and Flames Nation would get curious and teams looking for a goalie would see their fan’s collective ears perk up.

Over the last few days, rumors of Markstrom’s availability has been out there. The early favorites to land him consist of the Toronto Maple Leafs, New Jersey Devils, Carolina Hurricanes, and Colorado Avalanche. There’s nothing imminent with anyone, but this Weeke’s tweet seems to hint something could be close.

Is Markstrom The Best Goalie Trade Option Out There Right Now?

Nominated for the Vezina Trophy during the 2021-22 season, Markstrom faced challenges in the net during the 2022-23 season, which played a role in the Flames’ absence from the playoffs. Nevertheless, the 33-year-old goaltender is currently showcasing a resurgence in his performance this season. The Flames might be interested in selling high, especially if they’ve finally deemed themselves sellers.

Jacob Markstrom Calgary Flames goaltender

With less than two months before the deadline, Calgary is pegged to be among the busier teams and Markstrom might be the best goalie available.

Should Markstrom become highly sought after, Calgary would seek a first-round draft pick or a prolific forward with high scoring capabilities in return. From there, the Flames will either promote Dustin Wolf or search for another short-term goaltending option, trying to get ahead in the aggregate.

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