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Hertl and Sharks Likely To Wait On Possible Contract Extension

The San Jose Sharks and Tomas Hertl might wait on a contract extension since both the team and player want to see how this season plays out.

The San Jose Sharks and forward Tomas Hertl sound like they’re both happy enough to wait to see how this upcoming season unfolds for the organization before talking about a contract extension. A 27-year-old pending UFA, if Hertl hits the market, there will be interested teams and it’s not clear yet if the Sharks wants to keep the player or go full rebuild.

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Per a report by Kevin Kurz of The Athletic, the Sharks and Hertl are likely to wait before talking a new deal or signing a potential extension. For the Sharks, this is about figuring out how good (or bad) they’ll be. For the player, this is about whether or not he really wants to commit to a franchise that has been anything but the winning organization he thought he wanted to be part of long term.

From issues with players like Evander Kane to just a poor performance on the ice from the entire team, neither side is ready to lock in with the other until the picture is more clear.

Tomas Hertl San Jose Sharks NHL
Tomas Hertl San Jose Sharks NHL

If the Sharks decide to move assets and rebuild, Kurz writes:

“From Wilson’s perspective, one way to speed up the reset would be putting Hertl and his expiring contract on the market, as he is probably their most valuable trade chip if they are looking to acquire more draft picks and/or prospects. Contending teams would almost certainly start blowing up Wilson’s phone were that to happen, as big, skilled centers rarely become available.

Kurz adds “A Hertl trade would almost undoubtedly seal the Sharks’ fate as a playoff-less team for the third straight season, but it also might speed up their plan to return to respectability sooner than later, particularly if an NHL-ready young player or at least someone close to being ready is included in the hypothetical deal.”

Can’t Blame Hertl

This Sharks’ organization is a bit of a mess. The biggest names and veteran stars who kept the locker room in check are now gone. Kane’s off-ice issues have overtaken the team and while there are some pieces on this roster that give the group a chance to be competitive, this is not the contending team it used to be for so many consecutive years.

If Hertl is going to stick around, he wants to know that this team is back on track and the organization is serious about fixing the issues that plague the team. If that can’t be done this year, both sides are likely best to just move on from one another. The Sharks can pick up some good pieces and kickstart their rebuild with some good young prospects and a draft pick or two.

For Hertl, he can then get out of dodge before things go from bad to worse.

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