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NHL Trade Talk: Flyers and Blues Finalizing Kevin Hayes Deal

Rumors of a Kevin Hayes trade have been circulating in Philadelphia, and talks between the Flyers and the St. Louis Blues are heating up.

Rumors of a potential Kevin Hayes trade have been circulating in Philadelphia, and it seems that talks between the Flyers and the St. Louis Blues are heating up. With the Blues actively pursuing trades ahead of the 2023 NHL Draft, it remains uncertain whether one of their three first-round picks will be involved in the deal or if there are additional players included.

Reports suggest that the impending trade between the Flyers and the Blues is shaping up to be a multi-faceted and intricate deal. According to both Anthony DiMarco (The Fourth Period) and Jeremy Rutherford (The Athletic), there are multiple elements involved, indicating a complex negotiation process. The Flyers have expressed interest in acquiring a third first-round pick in this year’s draft, while the Blues have been exploring the possibility of trading one of their two later first-round selections (25th or 29th overall).

According to Rutherford, sources suggest that the Blues and Flyers are working on finalizing a trade for the center. Although several elements need to be ironed out, there is a possibility that the deal could be completed soon.

Earlier reports by Andy Strickland revealed that Hayes has a 12-team no-trade list, and the Blues are not on it. This implies that Hayes would accept a trade to St. Louis, and there were previous rumors linking him to the Blues last week that failed to materialize.

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While details of the potential trade remain unclear, David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period indicated that Hayes has become the “focal point” of trade discussions between the two teams. This is in contrast to the ongoing trade rumors surrounding Travis Konecny and Scott Laughton.

Speculation suggests that the Flyers may retain 50% of Hayes’ contract in the trade, while the Blues might not have to part with significant assets. However, until the details are finalized, the exact terms and players involved will remain uncertain.

As the trade talks progress, fans and analysts eagerly await the official announcement, which could come in the following days, if not hours.

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