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Flames Unlikely to Extend Sean Monahan, Could Look for Trade Options

If the Calgary Flames have decided to move on from Sean Monahan. Do they do so before or at the end of his current deal?

Need for change, a lack of production and some concerns related to injuries may have created a situation where Calgary Flames’ forward Sean Monahan could be moved by the organization this or next season. According to Hailey Salvian of The Athletic (subscription required), Monahan might be a central piece as part of a series of moves to try and improve the team. And if he’s not, it certainly doesn’t sound like the Flames intend to bring him back when his contract expires.

In fact, there might already be target in mind as Salvian writes that the Flames might have an interest in Christian Dvorak. While the asking price for the player is rumored to be a couple prospects (or a top prospect) and a 1st round pick, Monahan certainly would be an interesting piece the Arizona Coyotes might want to look at.

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Whether the Coyotes are actually interested in Monahan or would only look at this deal in an attempt to then move him in a three-team trade situation isn’t clear. There’s a chance they aren’t interested at all and this is just wishful thinking on the part of the Flames. What Salvian notes, however, is that the Flames believe they need to make some critical, and perhaps, drastic changes. No longer relying on Monahan might be among them.

Sean Monahan Calgary Flames
Sean Monahan Calgary Flames

She notes:

Sean Monahan would be the longest-tenured member of the “official” leadership group, having been an alternate since 2015-16. But as pointed out, his time in Calgary could be limited, as he is frequently mentioned in trade speculation. Even if he stays, he only has two years remaining on his deal, and I’d be surprised if he was re-upped in Calgary.

She adds that some down seasons have made him dispensable and the organization might believe they can make room up the middle by moving either Monahan or Mikael Backlund.

Trading the player might be easier said than done. He’s a $6.375 million AAV and a significant cap hit for not offering much on offense that couple of seasons. He’s also got a modified 10-team no-trade list worked into his contract. That said, he’s only two years removed from an 82-point season and there could be a lot left in the tank since he’s only 26 years of age.

In many ways, Flames fans seem ready to move on as well, so it will be interesting to see if there’s anything to the speculation and if his name comes up in talks. A strong start to the season could mean a change in attitude by the Flames, or it could mean that the player becomes more attractive and the team is in a sell high situation.

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