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Filip Zadina’s Contract Being Terminated, Walking Away from $4.6M

Filip Zadina has been placed on waivers for the purposes of a contract termination. The Red Wings and the forward are moving on.

The Detroit Red Wings have placed Filip Zadina on waivers for purposes of contract termination today. If and when he clears, Zadina will be forfeiting $4.56 million for the final two years of his contract and Red Wings will be shedding $1.8 million from their cap in each of the next two seasons.

GM Steve Yzerman spoke at a press conference this week about the Zadina situation and made it clear this was not some maneuver to make a play for a bigger contract like the rumored trade for Alex DeBrincat the Red Wings are said to be involved in. He said that Zadina requested a trade and that he signed the player to a three-year contract before that because he thought there was a future with the organization. When the player didn’t grow, that contract he fought so badly for wound up being the determining factor in the team having to waive him. When Zadina refused to report to the AHL and was willing to walk away from the money, it create the scenario both sides now find themselves in.

Yzerman said: “Am I happy to put him on waivers? No. I signed him to a three-year contract a year ago because I believed that he was going to grow. The reality now is: you wanted that contract, that contract may prevent you from getting the opportunity you’re looking for in another organization.”

Steve Yzerman Red Wings Filip Zadina waivers
Steve Yzerman Red Wings Filip Zadina waivers

Assuming Zadina clears waivers, which is likely, he will be free to sign with any team of his choosing. This unexpected development opens up new possibilities for Zadina’s future in the NHL.

Zadina Hasn’t Panned Out as Expected

Throughout his career, Filip Zadina has faced challenges in terms of goal-scoring prowess. However, there has been a notable improvement in his ability to move the puck up the ice in recent times. Despite his struggles as a goal threat, Zadina’s strong performance in transitioning play could earn him a roster spot with another team on an affordable contract in the near future.

While his offensive skills may need further development, his contributions in facilitating play make him a valuable asset for teams seeking a player with solid puck-moving abilities. With his determination and potential for growth, Zadina is likely to make a team look like they were smart to give him an opportunity to showcase his skills at an affordable cost.

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