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Fans Shocked With Ovechkin Offseason Viral Weight-Gain Photo

Fans were a bit surprised by a photo that has gone viral of Alex Ovechkin in the offseason. He seems to have put on some serious weight.

Alex Ovechkin, one of the NHL’s most iconic players, has always been solid. A big frame has made him tougher than nails and one of the most durable NHL stars over the past decade. However, some fans of the Washington Capitals are worried after a quiet season from the league’s best goal scorer and a recent off-season photo suggesting he may be out of shape.

As he gears up for his 20th NHL season, Ovechkin’s ability to continue performing at an elite level and break Gretzky’s goal-scoring record is now in question if he’s not taking his training seriously.

Ovechkin is chasing a milestone and the Caps are doing everything in their power to help him match and beat Wayne Gretzky‘s record for the most regular-season goals in NHL history. With just 42 goals needed to break the all-time record, he legitimately has a shot to do so. So why is he not making sure he stays in great shape?

Last season, Ovechkin scored only 31 goals in 79 games and was a non-factor in the playoff series where the Rangers swept the Capitals. As he approaches 39 years old, it’s clear that time is catching up with the superstar. Yes, this is the offseason. And, yes, there is still time for Ovechkin to get back in shape (assuming this photo is a true reflection of the weight he’s put on). That said, perhaps now, more than ever, he’ll need to work harder in the offseason to maintain his productive pace.

Alex Ovechkin scored no goals in the 2024 playoffs

The Ovechkin Photo Has People Wondering

A recent photo of Ovechkin, sporting a noticeable “dad bod” after a game of padel tennis with former Devils defenseman Egor Yakovlev, has raised eyebrows. While it’s not uncommon for athletes to relax and gain some weight in the offseason, Capitals fans are understandably concerned about his fitness for the upcoming season.

There’s no real cause for concern unless he shows up to training camp looking the same. Some players can play effectively even thought they aren’t shredded. Is that Ovechkin?

Is it fair to judge athletes like Ovechkin for their offseason habits? Or, considering the record that on the line and the Capitals doing what they can to get players to help their sniper become the best goal-scorer in NHL history, should there be an expectation he stays in great shape and give himself the best odds of breaking Gretzky’s record?

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