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Evander Kane Speaks to Media, Oilers Fans Ahead of Debut vs. Canadiens

Evander Kane sat down with the media ahead of his debut for the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday. Questions still remain.

When the Edmonton Oilers match up against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday and go for their fourth-consecutive win, Evander Kane will be with them. The question many fans are asking, and the media certainly asked during Friday’s media conference introducing Kane to the Edmonton fan base is, will he be with them, both on the ice and off it during his total stay with this club?

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Some concern is warranted. Kane has left most of the organizations he’s played with under less-than-ideal circumstances. When asked how things might be different in Edmonton, Kane responded that he didn’t think he left every organization poorly and hinted it wasn’t always the organization that decided it was time to move on, but he’s excited about the opportunity to play with the Oilers and that the narrative that he’s a disruptor and divider isn’t necessarily true. He noted, “I’m not sitting here saying I’m perfect. I think for me it’s just part of life, making mistakes, living, learning from them.”

Ken Holland said he did his due diligence before bringing Kane aboard. That includes talking to people inside his organization and outside of it. He noted that it was ultimately his decision as the GM of the team to do what he thought would help the organization win, but also believes this is a good opportunity for everyone. Saying that Kane is now 30 years old, the player has been through a lot. With that comes experience and learning. Holland knows the Oilers are motivated, he believes Kane is motivated and there is a good opportunity for everyone to come out ahead here.

Kane tried to keep things light, despite most of the media’s questions being about his past and the troubles that have followed him. When asked how many teams had pursued him and what made him decide the best fit was the Oilers, “I ultimately chose the Oilers just cause of the weather,” he said. He then noted, “In all seriousness, there were quite a few teams that expressed interest, especially early on.” He didn’t say why the other teams backed off or he decided it wasn’t a fit, but he is excited about playing on the Oilers and with arguably the two best players in the league.

Where Will Kane Play?

Tippett was asked if he’d given any thought to where Kane would play and Tippett jokingly said he’d just put all three of them together and let them run. Perhaps, that’s not as much a joke as one might think. While the team will probably try to run with a balanced lineup against the Canadiens on Saturday, it likely won’t take long for a situation to occur where all three players find themselves on the ice together.

As for what else he can bring to the team, Kan said, “I view myself as a leader” and that he’s not here to be a distraction or add to the narrative that he’s coming in to make trouble on the playground. He wants to add goals, bring a physical element to the club. He notes he plays on the edge and enjoys that part of the game. He’s hoping to bring a bit of a different identity to the club.

Can he keep the identity he brings to the Oilers a positive one? There will be a lot of fans watching closely. Some have already made up their minds that this won’t work. Others are open to giving it a chance. Time will tell, and as Holland said, there are around 44 games left to see this work out for both sides.

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