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Kyle Turris Chased Oilers in NHL Free Agency [Report]

Kyle Turris sought out the Edmonton Oilers in free agency. What was it that drew him to the Oilers?

Kyle Turris Predators

There’s always been a bit of a reputation around the NHL that players don’t want to go to Edmonton. That reputation has died down a bit since the team landed Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl proved to be a legitimate NHL superstar, but if you asked NHL players for an honest answer of where they’d prefer to play if given a choice, Edmonton likely isn’t terribly high on the list.

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According to a recent report, for one player, that’s not at all the case. The Oilers added some depth pieces in free agency and two players joined the club having sought out the Oilers in hopes of landing a deal. Defenseman Tyson Barrie has been vocal about his thinking Edmonton was the best fit for him on a one-year deal because it would give him a chance to boost his numbers on the league’s top power play. But, Kyle Turris was also keenly interested in joining the team.

Kurt Leavins of the Edmonton Journal writes that his sources told him Turris entered free agency with Edmonton on his list of preferred destinations. Leavins writes Turris may have initiated contact via his agent.

Leavins explains:

In private, I’m told that Turris knows the past season was not his best work but also felt that he was not in the ideal situation to succeed. The opportunity to fill the 3C spot with his 2-way game in Edmonton may be the perfect chance to rebound. At least that’s how he sees it.

Are Things Changing for the Oilers?

Two players doesn’t necessarily make Edmonton a top-tier destination around the NHL. The colder weather, heavy taxes and a lack of winning over the past decade is still a part of the culture of the team. But, things are starting to look up.

Barrie and Turris sought out the Oilers and likely took less to play on the team. Others have jumped on the opportunity to join a squad that has two of the best players in the world and existing free agents have opted to stay.

All the Oilers need to do now is win. If they can figure out a way to make the playoffs and advance, Edmonton might become a go-to destination for players.

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