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Agents Say Oilers Could Lose McDavid Without Another Significant Move

A few agents have voted the Edmonton Oilers as a team that needs another significant move or they risk losing Connor McDavid.

We examined the other day a survey conducted by The Athletic’s Craig Custance. It was a survey that suggested Mitch Marner ranked highly among 21 anonymous NHL agents as a high-profile player that could be traded. The survey also produced some other interesting results worth noting, one specifically revealing when it comes to discussion surrounding the Edmonton Oilers.

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While the Oilers ranked well as a club that had a productive offseason, they also got a few votes as a team that needed to make another significant move and quickly. In fact, one agent noted that if the Oilers didn’t do so, they’d run the risk of losing Connor McDavid.

Both the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning led the voting in this category, but the Edmonton Oilers came in third with three votes. The intriguing part is that the belief among the agents who voted for the Oilers is that their window to win is limited.

One agent explained in the survey:

“Edmonton. With the two core players they have, they have to get better faster or they’re going to run into a problem. Buffalo, you could say the same thing. If they don’t get better, how much longer will (Jack) Eichel and (Connor) McDavid want to wait?”

Should the Oilers Be at All Worried?

Many will argue that this is just a few anonymous agents saying things and that doesn’t mean much. Some will argue that agents can’t be trusted because they always have an agenda and the results of the survey are likely skewed, especially when based in anonymity. At the same time, this wouldn’t be the first time McDavid’s name has come up in talks where he might become impatient should the Oilers not figure out a way to start winning. So too, it could be argued agents have their finger on the pulse of the NHL more than most.

Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers offseason wasn’t perfect. They failed to upgrade their goaltending situation (something they set out to do). That said, on paper, most have them being a contending team. At the same time, the moves the Oilers did make have McDavid’s and Leon Draisaitl’s stamp of approval on them.

McDavid called Tyson Barrie and helped sell him on coming to Edmonton. Draisaitl is happy that Dominik Kahun is finally in Oilers silks.

It’s probably far too early to say either of the Oilers stars are growing impatient. Where the Oilers sit at the end of the coming season could change things.

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