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Draisaitl’s Oilers’ Deal: Will He Get More than Auston Matthews?

Will Leon Draisaitl’s deal with the Edmonton Oilers come in at a higher rate than what Auston Matthews gets with the Toronto Maple Leafs?

As the Edmonton Oilers prepare for next season and beyond, one of the biggest questions looming is the contract extension for star forward Leon Draisaitl. After playing several seasons on a team-friendly deal, Draisaitl is one of the league’s most dominant players, and his next contract is expected to reflect his elite status. One of the big questions is whether Draisaitl will command a salary that surpasses Auston Matthews‘ league-leading $13.25 million annual cap hit, and if he might consider a hometown discount to stay with the Oilers.

Discussing Draisaitl’s next deal on TSN, Frankie Corrado emphasized that the Oilers’ star deserves a significant raise. Given Draisaitl’s consistent high-level performance, including being a three-time 50-goal scorer and amassing over 100 points in five seasons, his new contract is anticipated to start at Matthews’ $13.25 million mark and potentially go higher.

Leon Draisaitl and Auston Matthews contracts; who gets more?

When asked if Draisaitl’s contract should be higher, Corrado responded:

“It absolutely should. And this is the way the league works. Salary cap goes up certain players contracts are expiring and Leon Draisaitl is going to get a significant raise. His raise starts at $13.25 and then the conversation goes up from there.”

How Much Is Draisaitl Worth? How Much More Than Matthews?

The comparisons to other top NHL contracts are inevitable. Nathan MacKinnon‘s recent contract at $12.6 million and Connor McDavid‘s $12.5 million deal set precedents, but with the cap rising, Draisaitl’s value is projected to eclipse these figures. He won’t be the highest-paid player in the NHL for long, but the fact he will be for a season is a testament to what the Oilers think of him.

Amid having to navigate their financial constraints, while also proving to Draisaitl that they mean business and want to retain him, it’s a balancing act.

One critical aspect of this negotiation will be whether Draisaitl is willing to take a hometown discount. Staying with the Oilers would mean remaining with a team where he has established chemistry, particularly with Connor McDavid, and where he has become a central figure in their pursuit of a Stanley Cup. A discount could provide the Oilers with the flexibility to build a stronger supporting cast around their star players.

Corrado wonders if it’s not about whether Draisaitl makes more than Matthews, it’s how much more.

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