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Draisaitl Extension With Oilers Could Hit Snag Says Insider

If the Edmonton Oilers can’t get Leon Draisaitl signed to an extension early in the summer, does this snag have potential to turn ugly?

Darren Dreger doesn’t believe a contract extension will happen the moment Leon Draisaitl is eligible to extend with the Edmonton Oilers. Potentially able to sign a deal as early as July 1, 2024, Dreger noted while on TSN OverDrive that he sees this extension scenario dragging out, with real concern that the Oilers won’t be able to afford Draisailt’s next deal and that other NHL clubs will be in hot pursuit of the dynamic star. How will this potential snag affect his future with the team? That should be a fascinating storyline to watch this offseason.

Jeff O’Neill started the conversation by asking Dreger if Draisailt could write down a number on a piece of paper when it came time to sign a new deal. The hint is that he’s going to be able to command whatever he wants and someone will give it to him, which poses a problem for the Oilers. Granted, Edmonton will likely be open to paying Draisaitl quite well, but if the process of negotiations drags out, the rumblings that waiting will make will worry the fan base. What happens if July 1 comes and Draisailt hesitates? Do the Oilers consider a trade? Should they remain confident that he’ll sign?

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Dreger agreed that Draisailt will be able to secure himself a payday that is possibly in the realm of what the Oilers can manage. If he’s looking at 14%-15% of the salary cap, that’s anywhere between $12 and $13 million per season. He’s currently making $8.5. Finding the extra $4 million a season could be challenging. “I think this could be fascinating to see how it plays out and drags on,’ Dreger said.

What Other Teams Will Get in the Mix on Draisaitl?

One point Dreger brings up is that, all things being equal, if Draisailt chooses to test the market, a no-tax state team might stand a better chance to land the forward. There will be teams that show interest and if the Oilers and a team like Florida, Vegas, or Tampa were to offer the same money, why would a German-born star who gave it a good run in Edmonton choose to stay? Bryan Hayes pointed out that the playoff success the Oilers achieve will play a big role in all of this.

As for what will happen in Edmonton if this situation drags on, Dreger added that Draisaitl could care less how the media and fan base react to him taking his time. At the best of times, Draisaitl is an ornery personality. He’s got no problems telling the media he’s not going to answer questions or shut down talk of his impending decision.

Of course, if that happens, there’s a decent chance fans will turn on Draisaitl and suggest the Oilers are better off moving on. The can of worms that might open up is problematic.

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  1. Fireball

    March 23, 2024 at 1:45 pm

    This is simple. The Oilers can’t afford to get into a Johnny G situation. Come July 1st all cards have to be put on the table. What do you want ? Does this work for us ? Does it work for you ? This is the bottom Line ! ( as I remind nay sayers that either July 1 this year or June next year at some point this is exactly what will happen!!! So make it Clear we intend to get this done this summer and if we can’t make it work for both of us. We’re going to have the Leon Draisatle sweepstakes and your own trade centre show Cause we are not letting the arguably second best player in the world walk for nothing and we’re not going to wait to get into a pissing match and trade you at the deadline for Robert Nielsen and a bag of jock straps in a situation where everyone knows you have us over the barrel.

    Mark my words.. they will come out of the woodwork to be the team to make it happen.

    • Ash Williams

      March 23, 2024 at 4:08 pm

      I am sorry to say but Daren Dreger, is not a reliable source for western hockey. He used to be connected to the leafs and that’s about it. He knows nothing about what goes on and quoting anything he says is just speculation, something any oiler fan can do.

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