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Devils and Flames Expected to Continue Markstrom Trade Talks

The Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils are expected to continue trade talks for Jacob Markstrom, even though early conversations stalled.

The Calgary Flames find themselves at a crossroads as trade talks involving star goaltender Jacob Markstrom heat up. More specifically, an improved offer is expected to come from the New Jersey Devils in the coming days. Recent reports suggested trade talks fell apart of over salary retention issues but the Devils might up their offer. If so, the Flames could reconsider how open they are to make a deal work. Eric Francis from Flames Talk with Fan960 Steinberg, suggested that a deal may be on the horizon, anticipating it could be finalized within the week.

Markstrom, a key player for the Flames, is reportedly open to a move. He noted he was flexible and mixed reports suggested he was asked about New Jersey. While not confirmed, he is driven by his desire to compete for a championship at this stage in his career. So too, goaltenders Dustin Wolf and Dan Vladar might be ready to push for more responsibility.

Francis and other Flames analysts argue that despite the unknowns with Wolf and Vladar, the Flames should not hesitate to capitalize on Markstrom’s high value. With the team currently sitting at 23rd overall, the goaltender’s stellar performances haven’t translated into the desired success. The absence of key players like Elias Lindholm, and the expected trades of Chris Tanev, and Noah Hanifin limit Markstrom’s impact over the next two seasons.

Flames Need to Capitalize on Markstrom’s Trade Value

If the Devils are prepared to up their offer, it would be wise for Calgary to consider it. Shedding Markstrom’s $6 million per season contract, even with retained salary, could provide the Flames with the financial room needed for a comprehensive team retooling.

Jacob Markstrom Flames trade rumors

This may be the Flames’ best opportunity to sell high on Markstrom. The Devils, despite a previous unsuccessful attempt, are persistent in their pursuit and the NHL trade deadline almost always sees teams overpay. Calgary may not get another opportunity to move Markstrom for this strong of a return.

Pierre LeBrun’s insights in The Athletic is one of the insiders who believe talks between the two teams aren’t necessarily over. New Jersey has looked around at other options but might be circling back in a last attempt to bridge the gap with Calgary. If they’re able to do so, this trade could be officially announced imminently.

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