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Details Emerge About Aaron Rodgers Next NFL Contract Demands

Aaron Rodgers has some specific demands for his next contract, meant to ensure he stays one of the highest paid QB’s in football.

It appears that Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants some of what the rest of the NFL’s highest-paid quarterbacks are getting.

Rodgers is not far off from earning a new contract and if the reports are true, the ask will be massive with a lot of options covering Rodgers for the changing landscape in the NFL. The two-time MVP and Super Bowl 45 Champion feels like he’s earned the right to be on the same level or higher than some of the most valued QB contracts in the league and who can blame him?

According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, outside of big bucks, Rodgers wants player options to be a focal point of his next deal. The idea is that it gives Rodgers flexibility to opt our re-negotiate his deal as others quarterbacks start to earn more money — which is exactly what happened with his last deal.

Rodgers signed what appeared to be a large deal in 2013  — don’t get us wrong, $110 million is a large deal — but over time, players like Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan and Jimmy Garoppolo started earning more money and are arguably less proven and less valuable. Rodgers doesn’t want to sign what looks to be another big deal only to find out two years down the road that he’s not on par with other QB’s.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The Packers are not always known to pay big money to keep big names but Rodgers may be different. Without him, the Packers are not the same team and he could be worth the money he’s asking for, no matter how much it is and no matter what year he’s asking. This isn’t necessarily terrible for the Packers either. If Rodgers game regresses at all, but he still feels he’s worth the money, it could be an out for Green Bay as well.

This is a deal that will likely get done and a deal that will continue to ensure quarterback salaries in the NFL are astronomically high.

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