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Darlene Connor Spinoff Being Considered by ABC

Could the character of Darlene be getting a spinoff show after Roseanne was suddenly canceled?

It didn’t take long after booting Roseanne from the network and canceling her hit series that ABC executives are considering a spinoff show that will feature Darlene Connor. Sara Gilbert, who plays Darlene was central to not only the new heart of the Roseanne show but to putting the pieces together to make the reboot of Roseanne a reality. It was Dilbert who pitched the idea and the rest of the cast came along after her lead to revive the show that meant so much to so many all those years ago. It’s certainly not her fault that Roseanne Barr couldn’t keep her racist and awful comments to herself, taking down hundreds of people with her.

Roseanne was canceled despite strong ratings due to Roseanne’s outburst on Twitter where she said about Valerie Jarrett – a former adviser to President Obama – that it was like the “Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes had a baby.” The minute those comments his the public eye, Roseanne was essentially on her way to being blacklisted from Hollywood. But, her costars – who were collateral damage in Roseanne’s firing – seem keen to move on without her.

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Sara Gilbert was critical of Barr and her incendiary Twitter remarks which sparked Roseanne to comment that she was upset her castmates would turn on her. Almost everyone agrees with Gilbert and with ABC now having a hole in their fall schedule, might want to salvage something out of Roseanne and work with Gilbert who clearly has shown a knack for finding a good idea and running with it.

If the show goes, it will be interesting to see if ABC sticks with the idea of Darlene being a single mom – her husband David (Johnny Galecki) not really in the picture – who is two kids. One is a rebellious teen daughter (Emma Kenney) and the other a gender non-conforming son (Ames McNamara). The idea has promise and that’s like where the Roseanne show was headed anyway, with a strong focus on Darlene and her kids.

If this goes through, it would be great news for the many people who lost their employment thanks to Roseanne’s outburst. The downside is that Roseanne stands to make a lot of money off the show if it’s a success since she owns property rights to the characters. The debate will then become, is it worth giving these people jobs and creating a potentially hilarious show only to line Roseanne’s pockets?

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