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Atari VCS Looks Like A Hit: What You Need to Know

Fan of the old Atari console? Well, get excited because Atari is releasing the Atari VCS and it looks like it’s going to be a hit. The classic stuff with some pretty cool new features.

What Will It Do?

Users will be able to download additional games and apps via a VCS storefront and all users will have access to basic connected features like the store and online multiplayer. There is going to be a subscription service and ability to customize the experience through Linux Sandbox, allowing owners to add more storage or add a USB to load whatever they want. It will be Bluetooth and compatible with most PC computers.

What Atari VCS Looks Like

The Atari VCS comes with a slim design with a glossy black front plate and the Collector’s Edition a wood paneling. The only thing that really makes it look like one of the Atari systems people came to know back in the 80’s is the logo.


The specs as listed on the Indiegogo campaign, are as follows:

Specification Measurement 
Unit dimensions 14.5″ x 5.3″ x 1.6″
Unit weight 3 pounds
Materials Plastic, metal, wood
Operating system Linux OS based on Ubuntu (Linux Kernel 4.10)
Compatible systems Linux
Power Low TDP architecture — less heat and noise
Connections HDMI 2.0, 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 4xUSB 3.0
External inputs Classic joystick, modern controller, microphone
Storage 32GB eMMC, external HD, SD card
Memory 32GB eMMC
CPU Bristol Ridge A10
GPU Radeon R7
HDCP integration HDCP 2.2
Second screen (screencasting) Yes.
Cloud Storage Yes. Additional service offering.
Required internet connection Not for classic gaming but required to access all features
Cross game chat Skype, Discord, etc.
Voice commands 4-front facing mic array
Subscription needed? No. Includes cloud and other services.
Live streaming Yes with
Mouse & keyboard support Yes

Atari VCS Games?

Unfortunately, we have no idea yet. But, it will likely be revealed as the months go by and fans of Atari can feel confident their favorites will likely be included.

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