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Dallas Stars Draw Attention With New ‘Blackout’ Jerseys

Adding another uniform Wednesday, the Stars unveiled their ‘Blackout’ jersey, and not everyone is in love with the new design.

Let’s just say, after the big reveal and the clear indication the franchise is going a different direction, the new Dallas Stars new third jerseys are getting a lot of attention. Adding another uniform Wednesday morning that has been entitled the ‘Blackout’ jersey, as would be expected, not everyone is in love with the new design.

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Just after midnight on Saturday, the Stars teased the release of the new-look jerseys by posting “10.28.20” in gray font on a solid black background on their social media pages. The date was lit-up in neon-green. On Wednesday, the team released their new look jerseys with the neon heavily featured as part of the design. In short, it’s different and it’s like something out of a Ready Player One movie.

The goal was to create something new and something “futuristic.” The team didn’t want to take the existing uniform and logo and simply change the colors to neon on black.

The Stars wrote on their website:

For the first 20 years in Dallas, the Stars used black as a base color in the jersey. Our Blackout alternate uniform reintroduces the primary jersey color into the Stars jersey heritage.

That logo has the outline of the state of Texas and fits a little bigger than the traditional jersey. That’s on purpose.

The black numbers are outlined in Skyline Green and Adidas designed them with a perforated pattern to create a beveled effect, revealing more Skyline Green beneath. According to the Athletic’s Sean Shapiro and Saad Yousuf:

The three main points in the design were to: 1. make it radically modern 2. represent the next generation 3. screw the rules. Two of the other key rules were absolutely be no laces and no historical references to previous Dallas sweaters.

These jerseys will be worn 12 to 15 times each season for three years, so the Stars are committed to them through the 2022-23 season.

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