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Corey Perry Says Oilers Players “Need to Check Ego at the Door”

Corey Perry was asked about where players are slotted in the lineup for the Edmonton Oilers and it’s about checking your ego at the door.

Corey Perry has no issues being slotted wherever the coach best sees a fit for him. Signing with the Edmonton Oilers as a free agent after he left Chicago under less-than-ideal terms, he’s been a nice addition to Edmonton and played in multiple positions. Head coach Kris Knoblauch has tried him on the top line, on the second line, and down to where he’s been lately on the fourth line. A veteran who just potted his 900th NHL point, he isn’t bothered by being moved around.

Perry said recently, “You check your ego at the door, it doesn’t matter where you play or how much you play as long as the team is winning.” That’s the right mentality to have, despite the fact Perry’s reputation as a former top star in the league might warrant more ice time. This isn’t about Perry, the forward suggests. It’s about the Oilers and having the best chance to win.

It’s the perfect attitude to have and it will benefit the Oilers as they finish off the regular season and get ready for the playoffs.

Fans Suggesting Evander Kane Take Corey Perry’s Advice

Oilers’ fans were quick to hear Perry’s comments and then note that Evander Kane might want to heed that advice. Kane has been a solid Oiler this season, but at times, he’s complained about ice time and where he’s slotted. The feeling is he just wants to be productive, but it can come across as selfish and not in the best interest of the team, especially as he’s on a bit of a goal-scoring drought.

Corey Perry Evander Kane Oilers

Kane has been elevated to the first line the last couple of games but it’s not entirely clear he deserves the opportunity. This season, Kane has gone through four stretches of five or more games without scoring a goal. Currently, he is experiencing his most challenging period, having gone 14 consecutive games without scoring.

While he’s struggling, the hope is that he’s acting as the best possible teammate he can be and not complaining about where he’s slotted. Perry has it right in that, even if you deserve or have earned a better spot in the lineup, it’s about the team and the deployment of players to earn a victory.

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